Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 Chic Days - Day Thirty

Day 30: Put it all together

I thought I would end this series by asking you to choose one or two of your favourite Chic Days, or a chic habit you would like to cultivate to improve, beautify or enjoy life more with, and put it into practice.

Have you ever found you are forever researching and gathering information? And you don't have time to read back through the computer files saved, magazine articles torn and documents printed out? I do this all the time. It wasn't until I started going through what I had gathered, weeding out the rubbish and actually putting into place that I started making headway into my chic life.

I'm not saying I've suddenly turned into Audrey H, Amelie or Carole Bouquet, but a lot of the time I find myself making good decisions towards being a chic and stylish woman. Lots of the things I have written about in 30 Chic Days I already do (or partially/sometimes do and want to do more often). And it's only by dreaming, writing and reading about them that I have brought them into my reality.

By choosing a chic habit like wearing my nice things and using my nice dinnerware, in fact enjoy all the lovely items I already own, I can elevate my day to day life right now. If I decide to moisturise my body every single morning with the beautifully scented body lotions I have in my bathroom cupboard, all it costs me is a little time, and I have a 10 minute pampering session to start my day, and silky soft skin all day.

Focus on one thing and add to it as time goes on. What are you going to add to your daily routine or way of thinking to make your life more chic, starting right now?

Going into this holiday season which can be a bit nutty, my plans are to be very organised both at home and at work, go to bed earlier more often than not, limit drinks to very little (choosing sparkling mineral water) and generally look after myself well. Oh, and read lots or knit while listening to calming music. Delicious.

A chic life is what you make of it.


  1. I really enjoyed this series Fiona! Thank you for taking the time to put it together. I've learned a lot over the past month and have implemented some of these ideas. I can't pick a favorite. They were all fantastic!

  2. I'm so sad this series is coming to an end because I really enjoyed it. I will using my "good" stuff everyday, not just on special occasions. Also, I'm working on the style journal you wrote about as well. I'm really excited about that. I've learned so many great tips. Thanks!

  3. This has been a wonderfully inspiring 30 days! Some I was already doing, some I used to do but had forgotten, and some were completely new. Who knew that a simple thing like a daily all-over moisturizing would add so much to my day!

    Thanks for this very thoughtful journey!

  4. I just went through all of the days again, Fiona. It was all so lovely. And I am sad too that it is the end of the series. I need to give more attention to wearing handcream, especially with the winter months being here, and going to bed earlier. Thank you for all the reminders. They did have me pulling my French style books off the shelves quite often. xo

  5. I've loved this series, too--and need to make a link to it asap before it falls into the internet abyss and becomes difficult to fish out.

    In addition to pulling out garments from India to work them into my wardrobe, I aim to play more with my perfume this holiday season. Fragrance is a quick way to feel uplifted and gorgeous, and yet somehow I simply forget it. After years of being obsessed with it, I've become the opposite, and my perfume collection languishes. No more!

  6. Oh Fiona thank you so much for giving such a lovely month of posts.
    I think these would make a great foundation for a book...

  7. Fiona,

    I'm sad for me and your other faithful readers that your 30 days are ending today, but I am glad you will be getting a reprieve from having to post daily.

    It's difficult to choose only one or two chic days. But I will tell you what I've already started doing because of your series:

    I had a professional manicure last week (which I haven't had for years) - a dark purple/almost black color that made me feel chic plus.

    Apply body lotion much more frequently.

    I have made the decision that I will no longer downplay the quality of things I own in front of others and will happily accept compliments.

    I'm more affectionate toward my husband.

    I drink more water.

    See how influential you are? The Hostess is right.... 30 Chic Days deserves to be a book.


  8. Wonderful series, Fiona! I have truly enjoyed this. I already do quite a few things that you listed, but one that I will put into pratice is the art of daily all over moisturizing. How about doing a book 365 days How to be Chic - that would be marvelous!! Warm hugs to you! xxoo :)

  9. Dear Fiona,

    I'm only new to your blog and, for that matter, blogs in general. I thoroughly enjoyed your Chic series and I intend to read your whole blog when time permits. I think it would fabulous if you did, indeed, do a 365 days Chic series. Fredrick Fekkai produced a lovely glossy along these lines - yours would be an absolute 'chic' standout.


  10. Hi, Fiona! Like everyone else...I'm going to miss the 30 chic days posts. I've definitely been better about the whole moisturizing thing after I shower...but my hands are still dry b/c I never use the hand lotion that's sitting right next to me. I guess I don't like the initial oily feeling when I'm writing.

    So I need to work on that, going to bed early, finding a husband (haha..just kidding), and rescuing a dog (I love dogs..and I'd be obligated to walk). I agree with you that I tend to read and save things, and sort of forget about them later. So, I'm trying to be better about that.

    Also, what is the image you have for this post? Who is the artist?

  11. Hi Fiona,
    I loved reading your series. Even though I don't have a blog of my own, I love reading others'. Especially those blogs with content that transports me out of my everyday "ho-hum-ness". If I was pressed into choosing just one of the 30 days as my favorite, I would pick the day you wrote "Act As If..."
    And I wholeheartedly agree with the other commenters who wrote that you should consider writing a book!


  12. Bonjour Fiona I will miss your daily posts. I agree that you should write a book. I have been using some of your chic "tips" most of my life and your blog is a reminder that even a small bit of "effort" in maintaining onself makes a difference in appearance and attitude. Merci and hopefully you will continue

  13. Thanks for this wonderful series!!

  14. Thank you Fiona, I really enjoyed this series. Maybe next year you could do another month on a particular topic. For me, my favourtie was using your best at all times, whether it be plates or clothes. I tend to keep "the best" for another day that never really comes.

  15. hi Fiona!
    from my closing comments to yours:
    1) thank you for letting me participate in your chic French World. it was so much fun and i loved everything you posted

    2) let me just say how much i love that you chose november for your 30 days of chic (one of my favorite months)

    3) so much so that you have inspired me to bring a bit of chic to my blog--so per your inspiration the month of december will be devoted to a chic holiday just as my londoner would spend it into the new year!

    feel free to introduce Sabine to my londoner Aspen anytime! I have a theory that they will get along swimmingly!

    love your blog! thanks again!

  16. Fiona,
    Merci mille fois for your 30 chic days series! You had so many wonderful suggestions and ideas. I've been inspired in so many ways by your posts. You've had a lovely influence on all of us who read your blog!

  17. Unlike from your mythical ideal French girl Sabine, my ideal girl is real. She doesn’t live in a chic Paris apartment. She has a gentle way of looking at the world. She is beautiful and oh so chic! Her name is Fiona. I am so grateful for your blog. Thank you for being inspiration and a role model.

  18. Aww - that's so nice what Russian Girl said!! I concur! I will try to use my best things and I must must must get more sleep!! Thanks for it all.

  19. Greetings from India, Fiona! I enjoyed all of your 30 Chic posts. You put it all together very well and reminding me that you CAN be chic anywhere.

  20. Merci to all you chic ladies for your lovely, lovely comments.

    Adrienne, your list is fantastic. I find too when I take time for myself I'm a nicer person to be around (being more affectionate to your husband).

    Ani, I've had this piece of art saved on my hard drive for ages not knowing who the artist is. I just googled imaged 'autumn in paris' to find it. I found out today it is by Mentor Huebner in 1961. The website mentohuebnerart.com has other works of his and interesting facts about him.

    Lenna, great idea for a series. I look forward to being inspired to have a chic Christmas.

    Russian Chic, thank you! I feel humbled.

    Ping, wow, India! Hope you're having a great time there.

    Thanks again to you all for your participation in my 30 Chic Days Series. Your enthusiasm and encouragement made it all the more fun for me.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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