Monday, November 22, 2010

30 Chic Days – Day Twenty Two

Day 22: Have a dress-up day

Maybe once a week, have a day where you take extra time with your appearance. If you wear a uniform to work maybe add high (or high-ish) heels. If that’s not possible, wear earrings if you normally don’t, style your hair differently or wear a scarf tied just so.

Even just choosing something from your wardrobe that you’d normally save for ‘better’. I’m not talking ‘best’, like a dress you would wear to a wedding, but wearing some of your nicer everyday clothes.

On a day at home I try to take the time to put on a tiny dab of makeup, spend five minutes more on my hair and spray on a little fragrance. Just because I'm not going out doesn't mean no one is going to see me. The most important person in my life is going to see me!

When I have taken a little extra effort (and normally it’s more about effort and only a little bit about time) my husband comments, people are nicer to me and the world is a sparklier and brighter place. I think it’s a combined effect of my outer appearance but also my inner radiance which comes from that. Conversely, on a day when I’m feeling frumpy and grumpy, my outer and inner Fifi produce the results you would expect.

I love this Laura Bennett quote (that type-a lady from Project Runway, the one with red lipstick and an architect husband):

"Get dressed everyday a little bit nicer than you would have and see if it makes a difference in your day. See if you feel better. See if people treat you better."


  1. This made me think back to when I use to work in ophthalmology (not long ago). Both practices I worked in required us to wear scrubs--so not my style. But in a way they were like a blank palette (I never worked somewhere that allowed multi-colored, Disney just threw-up scrubs--thank goodness). So I would add scarves, brooches, three strand pearl necklaces (not all at the same time--I'm not that cuckoo). I am sure some of my co-workers thought, "who does she think she is?" but I didn't care. It often provided a topic to discuss with my older patients since many things I wore were vintage. Ah, good times, good times.

  2. My mom will be 89 years old next week. She just spent a month in a rehab hospital to recuperate from a fall. Each day she applied her makeup and hired someone to come in and shampoo her hair and set it. She insisted on wearing her own twin sets instead of hospital gowns. Even in pain, she dressed herself above the occasion.

    Her advice to me as a young married woman with children was to wear makeup everyday and "fix yourself up" to feel great each morning. Good advice, I think. I believe the nursing staff at the hospital thought she was a little nuts, but she did look much better than the old women who had" let themselves go."

    I have sterling silver earrings, ring and bracelet that I wear each day. I don't feel dressed without my accessories! They are my signature.

  3. This is music to my ears Fiona!

    I wear diamond studs, bangles and make up every Hermes scarf adds a twist of luxe to my repertoire....and somedays I layer on pearls.

    I think this series is bookworthy...have you considered it? Suburban princess did one.

  4. Fiona,

    Ever since returning from Europe last month, I can't seem to leave the house without dressing up the way they do in Paris and all over Italy.

    And I'm noticing more and more how women around here don't bother to even brush their hair or put a little mascara on. The whole 'mom jeans, baggy pullover hooded sweatshirt, white tennies, sloppy pony tail thing' just makes me sad. It screams "I give up!"

    Even if I'm only going to the library and post office, it makes me feel better to look my best. And feeling and looking better makes for a happy day!


  5. Fiona,

    I'm loving this series--what a great thing to stumble on to when discovering your blog.

    I work from home, so there's little reason for taking that extra step during the day--except that it brings me pleasure. A touch of red lipstick, some snakeskin leggings, and a piece of Hermès silk makes typing that much more enjoyable. I built the world around me, including the one from which I work, and why wouldn't I want to prance and dance in it?


  6. four words.
    Audrey. Hepburn.
    Love. Her!

  7. I can relate to what Dot has said about her mom. My grandmother had a bed and breakfast with sometimes 10 people to look after besides our family. After work was done she always took of her apron, wore a pretty dress, fixed her hair and looked nice for her husband and the rest of the family. On sundays and christmas we couldn't please her more than to wear our nicest outfits.

  8. Vintage Dreamer, I love how you made your work uniform stylish. I cannot understand those patterned scrubs. One of the characters wears them on Nurse Jackie and she looks like she's wearing pyjamas. When I did work experience at high school I chose to spend a day at the library (I haven't changed much then) and the other girl who went along with me snidely said to someone (who obviously told me) 'it's not a fashion parade' because I wanted to look nice at my 'first' day of work.

    Dot, such lovely stories and advice from your mother. Thank you!

    Hostess, I thought you would be the type to dress for yourself. I can imagine you pottering in your bungalow. I put earrings on at home too. Merci for the bookworthy compliment!

    Adrienne, a trip to Paris is rather a nice way to get back in the habit. It is quite shocking what others wear isn't it. I've seen a woman at the supermarket in pj pants and slippers. She couldn't even pull some jeans on?

    Miss Cat, love the 'dancing and prancing'! Sadly, I am missing the snakeskin leggings.

    Lenna, I feel like a bit of a copout using Miss H as my picture. She's never the wrong answer though.

    Inky, your mother is a great role model.

  9. This is such a good point and by just taking that extra time to or extra moment of attention makes a difference and ultimately, you feel better. I love this idea.

  10. Merci Shannon. It does have a dual purpose really, you do feel better, and other people around you have something nice to look at. French women see dressing well as a service to their fellow citizens (or so I read).

  11. Your blog is brilliant! Just came here from The Vivienne Files and enjoying your articles so much.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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