Friday, March 30, 2018

Taking a piece of Paris with you wherever you go

Being a homebody, it takes me a lot to travel.  I love the idea of it, but the reality is that I adore being in my own surroundings.  Never mind, I can still make myself very happy by carrying Paris around in my head, always.

We watched the movie Madame (here: on the weekend and it made my heart so happy.  It was a fun story and had great actors – Harvey Keitel and Toni Colette – but the street scenes of Paris?  Swoon.  And the apartment where this well-to-do couple lived?  To die for.  Their teal blue-green velvet sofa even persuaded me away from neutrals for a big piece of furniture.  Almost, but not quite :)

The images on this post make me joyful too.  They’re just so peaceful and elegant.  I am inspired to be my most high-style and well-turned-out self when I have these images in mind, French music playing and Parisian thoughts in my head.

Choosing a healthy and stylish lunch is easy when my mind is in this space.  The French me would not eat tacky foods, ever!

The French me has beautiful posture and is never tempted to slouch.  She enjoys her daily toilette where she does her hair and puts on an enhancing dash of makeup.  She does not fill her home with rubbish, non, it is a curated affair of objets that make her feel happiness.

Of course, I know that one day I will actually be walking the streets of Paris, happily so, but why pin all our happiness on that one trip?  Why not make Paris at home in your daily life?

For you it might not be Paris, it could be space travel, the colour pink, Japan or Chanel.  One word that fills your world with magic and elevates the way you do your day.  What is that word for you?

For me, here’s how I’m channelling Paris at the moment:

So tell me, what about your one inspiration that you always go back to, even if you’ve been unfaithful to her over the years.  Who is she and how do you like to express your love for her?  I’d love to know.


All images are from Musée du Louvre’s Facebook page here:


You can find me here too:

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