Thursday, July 27, 2023

'Serene Spa July' series part 4


Hello everyone!
I am back with the next instalment in Serene Spa July, where we are aiming to bring a little peace and relaxation into our lives each day.
I hope you've had a great week so far. It's been chilly here but we are in the middle of winter. If you are in a heat wave I hope you are keeping cool! Shall we get straight into Serene Spa July?

Day 17. Partake in boudoir time
If you have read any of my books, you’ve likely heard me talk about boudoir time. But I have to mention it here too, because regular boudoir time is probably one of the top ways I love to feel relaxed and peaceful, and it makes for a great night’s sleep too.

Boudoir time is not what you might think… in my world it is going to our bedroom a little earlier than my husband (he is still watching tv :) I take my lady basket with some thoughtfully chosen reading material and a herbal tea. Preferably chamomile or a sleepytime tea blend.

I take my time washing my face and applying a mask, moisturising my hands and feet with a rich, creamy lotion, and then prop myself up in bed with a book or one of my Victoria magazines, and read for twenty minutes or so while my mask sets. Then, I wash my mask off and apply my night cream.

And if you play soft background music at the same time, so much the better. I promise you, with this restful and restorative lead up to bedtime, you will sleep so well.

Enjoy your boudoir time tonight!


Day 18. Browse your style files

Do you have a stash of torn-out magazine pages in a file folder? Articles saved on your computer? Saved posts on Instagram or Facebook? If you’re like me, you collect these inspiring tidbits but rarely remember to go back to them.

But when you do? You discover a wealth of inspiration, motivation and encouragement. And the fun thing too, is that you will find a sense of cohesiveness that is very soothing. Simply by the act of collecting what has inspired you over time, you find out what is most important to you; what you value.

Sometimes you will have outgrown certain aspects of your style files, so it’s good to have a prune out as you go too.

In Serene Spa July, consider that the act of perusing your style files is a very necessary part of your daily life. Take five minutes to dip in, and see what inspired action comes of it.

Take this time as your personal retreat, when you slow down and reimagine what is possible. You are that elegant lady gathering inspiration for her new season’s wardrobe, or finding new self-care ideas.

I always find myself relaxing effortlessly when I read through my collection of inspiring words and pictures. There is a sense of nostalgia as I remember what has inspired me in the past.

I don’t tear magazine pages out so much now, that has moved to Pinterest, so my magazine pages are a door to the past, sometimes as far back as the 1990s. When I decluttered my large magazine collection I went through a lot of the issues and kept the pages that spoke to me. It’s so fun to have them all stored together.

However your style files are organised (or disorganised!) I hope you have a pleasurable read, maybe during boudoir time.


Day 19. Pamper yourself every day
In Serene Spa July the aim is to do little things that bring about the ambience and feeling of being at a high-end spa. You want to feel peaceful and relaxed, but in this series everything is F R E E pretty much :) No costly treatment prices.

At the spa, your face, body and soul is pampered. Well, the soul pampering comes from the physical pampering. It just feels delightfully restorative, but if you’re a thrifty girl like me, sometimes the cost can take away from the pleasure.

That’s why I like to pamper myself daily, at home, after my morning shower. Actually I start in the shower which is stocked with a small array of face and body products. I alternate between a foaming wash and an exfoliating wash on my face. And I always have a lovely soap. Plus I have shower gel to use on my long handled poufy brush to do my back.

Then, when I’m dried off, I like to smother myself literally from top to toe in a deliciously scented rich body lotion. I change the brands and fragrances every time I buy a new one. It feels fresh and new to try different products.

Then I finish off with a body spray and some perfume. You won’t find any fragrance-free products in my bathroom!

However you prefer your products, use them daily and really pamper yourself. I promise you it doesn’t take ‘that’ much longer than going without. And your skin will be soft and supple for life if you make moisturising a habit.

I hope I’ve convinced you to spend a little time on your legs and arms and everywhere else (bum cheeks, shoulders, decolletage, stomach). Do it every day for a week and you will feel transformed. Have fun!


Day 20. Love herbal tea

Nothing says spa day like a herbal tea – hot or chilled. I ‘love’ herbal tea, but sometimes forget that, and it seems boring to me. Then, when I make myself a cup, I remember again how good it is!

I love fruit infusions, mint tea, chamomile, even green tea (but only with lemon or ginger). There are so many fabulous teas these days, and some are très fancy too (which means très expensive :).

And, you can even go one step further and make your own with fresh herbs. That really is being extra. Imagine fresh mint or other herbs steeped in boiling water.

And, in the summer, making it chilled is wonderful. I keep my ‘green tea with lemon’ flavoured teabag in cold water for 15 minutes and it is delicious in my drink bottle. With mint tea I leave the bag in and it’s so refreshing. Especially if you make it the night before and store in the fridge, or add ice cubes if you forgot to do that.

Coffee or black tea with milk always seems more appealing when I forget about how much I like herbal tea, but it really is an excellent addition to my drinks regime. Zero calories, delicious taste, and probably even health benefits too. And, apart from green tea, there is no caffeine so you will be adding to, not detracting from, your hydration as well.

Obviously I’ve gotten into a bit of a herbal tea rut (the worst kind!) so please, let me know your most favourite herbal tea so I can get out of the house and try something new :)


I do hope you have enjoyed this week's instalment of Serene Spa July, and make sure to join me next week for the final post of rejuvenation that can be found when you take care of the little things.

xx Fiona

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Saturday, July 22, 2023

'Thirty More Chic Days' on sale now!

Last month I had a sale on ‘Thirty Chic Days’ and it was so popular that I thought ‘why not do the second book in the series too?’ So here I am :)

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Day 1. Embrace your inner French girl and her dream life

Day 2. Choose glamour

Day 3. French chic and slender

Day 4. Live a five-star life

Day 5. Get your sexy back

Day 6. Be your own chic mentor

Day 7. Find your dream life filter

Day 8. Be chic in the summer

Day 9. Have a closet like Coco

Day 10. From Paris to the South of France

Day 11. Honour your feminine heart

Day 12. Be easy to get along with

Day 13. Become a chic success

Day 14. Grow better every year

Day 15. Elevate your dining experience

Day 16. Be the happiest person you know

Day 17. Create your own chic manifesto

Day 18. Embrace your inner bombshell

Day 19. Don’t talk, just do

Day 20. Have a daily success plan

Day 21. Reframe everything to be beautiful, magical and luxurious

Day 22. French Friday

Day 23. Know how to lift your mood

Day 24. How to love where you live

Day 25. Cultivate your own star quality

Day 26. Create your own designer dΓ©cor look for less

Day 27. Choose to look and feel amazing

Day 28. Get your chic travel game on

Day 29. Incorporate chic anchors throughout your home and your life

Day 30. Focus on creating your own beautiful life


If this sounds good to you, please go ahead and make the most of the sale :)

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Happy reading – and happy weekend – to you!

xx Fiona

Thursday, July 20, 2023

'Serene Spa July' series part 3

✨ Serene Spa July ✨

Hello chic friends!
Welcome to the third weekly wrap-up of Serene Spa July, where we are aiming to bring a little peace and relaxation into our lives, one day at a time. And, create a spa ambience for ourselves. Let's get straight into it!

Day 11:Take a city walk
I do my exercise most days by going for a walk (often on my treadmill), but something that makes me so happy is to go for a glam walk. It combines exercise with window shopping :)

There is something that is so refreshing about being outside, even if you’re in a built up area. I live in the countryside now, but when we lived in the city I used to love going for a city walk. I’d wear nice clothes with sneakers, and exercise while I window-shopped. Big sunglasses were mandatory for the look!

This photo is a throwback to a trip earlier in the year. I love being a tourist, dressing up and going for a walk around the city.

Even with a lot of people around, I find it really peaceful and relaxing to just stroll. And it's a great way to get your steps in without even noticing it too.

As mentioned, the key is to wear nice sneakers with your outfit so that you're comfortable.

And if you live in a small town like I do now, it still feels good to walk more – very European. Rather than move my car all over town, I can park in one area and walk everywhere I need to go.
Day 12: Create ‘contemplation corner’
When we lived in Auckland we used to stay at the Langham Hotel as our staycation every so often. In their spa area by the pool was a long room with comfortable seating and glossy magazines, and it was called the Contemplation Corner.

I borrowed their peaceful atmosphere and now enjoy creating contemplation corners in my own home. And you can too! It might involve turning a chair slightly so your view is out the window, and adding a temporarily-moved side table. Add a vintage or current magazine, or book, and a cold or hot drink and you are set for a little while of solitude.

Or set up a blanket under a tree outside. Or wrap yourself up in a cozy rug on your sofa or bed for a while. You can even be in your car if you are out, listening to an audiobook with a hot coffee.

My favourite is to be at home with a cup of tea and an old Victoria magazine. I choose one from my small collection and flip away.

Imagine the peacefulness of sitting in that Langham contemplation corner and see how you could bring the same into your home, even just for a little while.

Day 13: Uplift yourself with happy journalling
It’s all very well to be inspired by others and take in what they are saying. I do this a lot. I love reading books, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, and studying the various courses I’ve purchased over the years.

And, I always feel good when I balance this intake with my own creations. In my journal I’ll explore such concepts as:

• ‘Happy lists’ of what makes me feel happy at that particular time.
• ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing if’ lists of my biggest dreams, hopes, and goals.
• ‘Ideal self’ visualisations in any area of my life that I desire to upgrade next, such as my wardrobe, health goals, or lifestyle wishes.
• Brainstorming loads of inspiring actions towards a specific outcome, such as ‘How can up uplevel my personal style without spending any money?’

Even if you don’t know what you’ll write about, find yourself a pretty journal and plan to fill a page today. That’s how I approach it, I just fill a page. There is no timer to set and no word count. Just a page to fill out. Sometimes it’s those last few lines that are the most challenging, but it feels good to complete that page. And sometimes I’ll even write two or three pages.

Date your pages too, that’s always interesting!

Day 14: Add pampering spa touches everywhere in the home
Here are some of my favourite ways to do this:

• Thick, soft tissues in just about every room.

• Hand cream in multiple places too: the car, by the sofa, by my bed, on my office desk, in the bathroom, in your lady basket and a tiny tube in your handbag. When it’s there, you will put it on. Massage it into your wrists, and push your cuticles back with it too.

• Saved up hotel slippers for putting on after you’ve moisturised your feet with a luscious body cream before bed. Or fluffy socks if you don’t have spa slippers.

• A small, neat stack of glossy magazines for a quick browse.

• Using white towels. I went through a coloured towel phase but have recently started using white towels again. I love both, but the simplicity of only having white towels to wash is wonderful.

• A cozy throw rug for the cooler season for wrapping up.

• A bud vase with a few tiny fresh flowers in it.

None of these items cost very much, but reading through that list, don’t you feel pampered and cosseted already? It just makes for such a nice atmosphere.



Day 15: Cultivate a soft, hushed atmosphere in the home
I know for myself I can easily crash around putting things away (emptying the dishwasher!) and yell at the dogs to ‘be quiet!’ when they go nuts barking at birds outside.

And, I can just as easily make life serene and pleasant for myself by doing everything as quietly as possible.

• Putting clean cups and plates away without clanking them
• Shooshing the dogs in a calm voice
• Going to the room my husband is in to talk to him rather than calling down the hall
• Speaking in my ‘inside voice’
• Thinking when to speak at all, is it necessary? Or am I just filling air?
• Moving around the house in an intentionally calm and contented manner, quietly doing what I want to do.

And at work too, you can be quietly productive, not bothering others with noise, loud sighs and intrusive chatter. Is there anything worse than an annoyingly loud coworker? I think not!

But mostly it’s just me here, so I do it for myself. I love to feel peaceful and calm, and being intentionally quite quiet is one way that I do this for myself.

And when the house is peaceful, the dogs seem calmer and quieter too. It makes sense. They pick up on my energy.


Day 16: Add extra nutrition into your daily meals
Just like you would receive at a spa retreat, but at home :)

When I want to upgrade my healthy eating, it does not work well for me to change everything up all at once. Far more helpful is to make small changes and tweak what I eat by increasing the nutrient content.

For example, you could:

• Eat an apple after lunch, even if lunch was fast food.

• Add a pre-made side salad to your dinner, regardless of what you are having.

• Slice some fresh fruit to have with your breakfast.

The key with all of these kinds of ideas is to have the ‘extra’ washed, sliced if needed, and ready to go when you serve yourself your meal. Have the apple washed in your bag when you go through the drive through (I rarely eat fast food because I am celiac and nothing is ever gluten free, but I am also realistic :).

Wash, slice and store fruit in a small GladWare container to have with your breakfast. Make your salad in portions too. That way, all you need to do it ‘grab and go’. Lessen the barrier between you and the healthy additions. This is the gamechanger for me.

I promise you will feel great with the added fresh nutrition. When I started having NutriBullet smoothies for breakfast, my cells would practically zing with happiness after I’d had one. I could feel it quite literally! Mother Nature provides so much goodness for us, let’s be grateful and nourish ourselves with her fresh produce!

(In this throwback restaurant photo my bunless burger came with a side of asparagus as an option. It was amazing!)

I hope you enjoyed this week's round-up, and please, let me know if you are enjoying this series and what your favourite day is so far!

Have a wonderful week and I'll see you soon.

xx Fiona

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Serene Spa July continues

Hello chic friends!
I am back today with the second week in our ✨ Serene Spa July ✨ series, where the aim is to make our home life feel as relaxing and peaceful as a high-end spa. In last week's post I shared Days 1-3, and today we continue on :)
Day 4 - Apply your makeup in a relaxed fashion
I love how beauticians are always beautifully made up. Their maquillage is impeccable - poreless complexion, a richly pigmented lipstick, and enviable eye makeup.

I’m still practicing my eye makeup each day - even after all these years of doing it I know I still need to push myself out of my comfort zone and try new things.

Today was not one of those days πŸ˜… But I did put on a brighter lipstick than usual because I always admire a bold lip on a lady and think it brightens her whole face up.

I know we all prefer differing amounts of makeup. Personally I believe that any face can be improved with even a little.

Plus it’s a creative way to spend ten minutes with an enjoyable audiobook or listenable YouTube video.

Day 5  - Make yourself a spa snack.

Many years ago, my brother won a couples massage at a five-star hotel. Because he was single at the time he took me as his plus-one. Thank goodness we were in separate rooms is all I can say! Anyway, it was blissful, and afterwards we lay on loungers in white fluffy robes while a light snack was served to us.

We had herbal tea, dried apricots, raw almonds, and dates. It was so elegant and delicious to nibble on.

And we can do this for ourselves easily. Here are my favourite ideas for a spa snack:

πŸ’ As above, dried fruits and raw nuts in a small dish.

πŸ’ Fresh fruit washed, sliced, and displayed nicely.

πŸ’ A small portion of unsweetened Greek yoghurt, I have tiny glass bowls that I serve a few good blobs in and it tides me over until dinnertime if I get hungry in the afternoon. Yoghurt plus half an apple sliced beside it is bliss!

πŸ’ CruditΓ©s and a little hummus

Plus herbal tea if you like a drink too. There are many luxurious herbal teas around now. As part of a facial I had recently I was given a trΓ¨s fancy herbal tea in a takeaway cup. I looked up the brand and maybe I’ll treat myself to a box one day (it’s called Storm and India and the tea bags are handmade from fabric!) I see they also have loose tea in tins. I have a teacup with a removeable strainer so I am set up for it!

Day 6 - Curate your own lady basket

A while back my husband Paul noticed how much I carry around - from my desk, to the living room, to beside my bed - my phone, iPad, reading glasses, a notepad, AirPods, current book or magazine... there was a teetering pile or else two trips.

Anyway, he suggested I needed a basket to carry everything around in, and the lady basket was born!

I repurposed this one, and it does the job perfectly.

You can put whatever items in your lady basket that are useful to you. But make sure to clean it out often. You don't want a big heavy lady basket with tons of stuff in it. Keep it to only the items you use often.

Isn't the name cute? I just love it!

Have fun curating your lady basket (and I bet you can find a container that you have already for it).

Let's start a lady basket movement shall we?
Day 7 - Infuse your home with fragrance

There are so many ways in which to do this. Some of my favourites include:

πŸ’ Lighting scented candles

πŸ’ Using wax melts

πŸ’ Diffusing essential oils

I love to light a candle in the hall, that way it wafts throughout the whole house, and I have an essential oil diffuser in my office which smells beautiful.

I have favourite recipes (usually three drops of each) such as:

Orange, geranium, lavender
Lemon, mandarin, peppermint
Lavender, lime, orange

I am a fan of citrus essential oils, and lighter fragrances overall.

There are also other ways to make your home smell wonderful too:

πŸ’ Using naturally scented or fine fragrance cleaning and laundry products.

πŸ’ Throwing the windows open each day even if only for a short while.

πŸ’ Keeping dusting, vacuuming, and bedding up to date. Clean smells clean!

πŸ’ Baking or cooking a cozy meal.
Day 8 - Dim the lights 
As you may have noticed from the various photos I have posted of our home, it has quite a moody, deep vibe. In addition to our dark painted living room we have long eaves on our home, so I always keep lamps on every day. I just love the look too. If it costs me a bit more in power each year so be it.

Lamps on in corners gives such a cozy, lovely feeling no matter the season.

Even in our loo here (with the fabulous gallery wall :) the overhead light is very soft. The shade is gold on the inside so the light is gentle.

At night it is soothing to switch off lights and only have lamps on. Our mind is calmed and begins to wind down for sleep time.

I love dimmers on lights too. Whenever we've had any electrical work done, I switch out that room's light switch for a dimmer.

All of this corresponds nicely with being at a high-end spa. The moment you walk in it's hushed and softly lit and it is an invitation to feel peaceful and relaxed. I love to make my home feel like that too.
Day 9Sip on your spa drink

When you visit a spa, you are served a simple yet delicious drink. Often it will be fruit-infused water, or sparkling water.

It’s so simple to do this at home by slicing washed fruit into water and storing it in the fridge. Lemons and other citrus, fresh berries, and even slices of cucumber are all delicious. Use what is in season and least expensive, or even better, what you have growing at home. F R E E is always preferable, and freshest!

We have the best little lime tree which is so prolific. I freeze washed quarters and use them for ice cubes in my cold drinks, and also in my smoothies. And I’ve squeezed them and made ice cubes from them too.

Herbs are lovely in water as well – a sprig of mint is delicious, and looks wonderful.

And course, if your spa serves champagne, even better! But for day-to-day sipping, infused waters are just the ticket.

I love chilled for sipping, but I drink lots of room temperature water every day too.

Day 10Increase the beauty that surrounds you

Even in the home you currently live in, and without going out and buying anything new, you can increase the effect of beauty in your environment.

This is something I love to do every day, and here are some of my favourite ways in which to do so.

πŸ’ Set a beautiful table for dinner (most of us have lovely dishes and napery that we rarely bring out!)

πŸ’ Tidy away surface clutter such as half-read magazines and newspapers. They can be stacked neatly if still in use.

πŸ’ Take photos of rooms to see what stands out and sort those things (I read that home magazine photographers tape lamp cords to a table leg if they are visible, as an example).

πŸ’ Bring elements of nature into a room with faux or fresh flowers, or a potted plant.

πŸ’ Have small groupings of ornaments or candles. Cluster them rather than spread around. A home stager gave me this tip when she was photographing our last house for sale.

πŸ’ Rotate dΓ©cor items so they seem fresh in different areas or even different rooms. Art on the wall can be moved around too.

There are so many things we can do to increase the beauty in our home. I love to think of the term ‘elegant lifestyle’ or ‘elegant living’. Keeping this phrase in mind inspires me to do even five minutes of tidying and beautifying.


And that's this weeks' wrap-up! Please join me again next Thursday for the next instalment, or you can follow me for daily posts on Instagram or Facebook if you'd like some instant gratification :)

I hope you enjoyed this week's tips for Serene Spa July. Please tell me your favourite, and also anything you would add!

xx Fiona

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Serene Spa July

Hello from Micky Dog and me!

Greetings chic friends!
Heading into a new month is a perfect time to reevaluate our self-care and see if there is anything we can add in. I've been pretty good with my daily walks, drinking water, and keeping my food nutritious for the most part, plus portion sizes that are not too big.

What I'd like to add in is some more stretching, downtime with a book, and in general relaxation.

I'm often on the go-go-go which is quite ironic considering I love to dream of a calm, peaceful and serene life. I think I dream of it *because* I'm always on the go! It's for me to hear and absorb!

So this month I will embody a spa ambience in my home and for my wellbeing. You know, that floaty peaceful feeling you get from walking into, or even just viewing a photo of, a high-end spa. But I'm doing it for zero $$ myself :)

What one or two things would you love to add in for your self-care as a focus in July?

Or will you join me for Serene Spa July? I just made that up but it's perfect I think :) Shall we begin?

The models for day one of Serene Spa July

Day one's tip is to make your bed as early in the day as possible. It is just before 7.30am as I write this and I have already made my bed. I cannot say that every day but in Serene Spa July where we bring about the spa-like feeling of peace and relaxation into our lives, a neatly made bed will be happening early every day.

There are so many benefits!

πŸ’ A feeling of accomplishment

πŸ’ A neater and tidier looking bedroom in only five minutes

πŸ’ One job ticked off

πŸ’ You get to enjoy it for longer than if you made your bed later in the day

And I’m sure many others! (Please share any I’ve missed :)

As you can see, Daphne and Chloe love to mess it up for me. Chloe jumps over behind the decorative pillow all the time, then flips around having fun and knocking all the pillows over...

And you can see how well Daphne’s leg has healed (she’s in front). She has a big scar on her right front leg but I’m very pleased that she is back to tip-top health again.

So… have you made your bed yet today? If not, quickly do it and come and tell me ‘Yes!’

Music playing gently in the hall :)

In day two's tip we are calming our senses with music. When I am at home, and even when I'm out in fact (I leave it on for the doggies when they can't come with me), I have soft music playing in the hallway (above). It’s one of my favourite kinds of self-care and the first thing I do in the morning is switch on my music.

I love the way it filters into my office (the lit door on the right of this image), and that I can hear it as I move around the house but it's never too loud.

I switch between actual flutey spa music, background jazz, and anything that is soft and instrumental. You can search for ‘study music’ or ‘spa music’ on YouTube, and I have a playlist on Spotify that you might already know about.

It’s a recreation of a CD I was given when I worked at Dior in their head office almost twenty years ago, and it was created to play when customers had a facial. I have just about worn my CD out and thankfully was able to save it forever on Spotify!

I used to play it before I went to sleep, but nowadays I play it during the day. It is guaranteed to relax me instantly 😊

You might prefer calming classical music or another type altogether, but if you have a little music setup, you can play soft music all day every day. I don’t want to tie my phone up, so I use our very, very old iPod which has all my music loaded onto it and it sits in our very, very old iPod dock. But it’s perfect for what I want! Maybe there is something you can repurpose.

Which fragrance shall I wear today I wonder?

And day three's tip is to create exquisite order in a spot in your home. Yesterday I cleaned out and reorganised my side of the bathroom cupboard, plus the drawer I keep my perfumes in. I have a lot of perfume! But I love it and wear it every day, plus I like to have a variety. I would love to be someone who has a signature fragrance but I would get so bored!

So I took everything out, wiped the drawer and cupboard shelves clean, then put things back. I didn’t put as much back. I threw out three products that I know I will never use, and it was such a feeling of relief. All up the cost would be less than $10 and yet I’d had those items hanging around for a long time feeling bad that I didn’t want to use them! I am not usually wasteful AT ALL and use everything up that I’ve ever bought one way or another, but yesterday I thought ‘I’m better than that’. Sometimes I think about things more than other people, lol!

I also rehomed a few backup items in a different area, in a container that I can ‘shop’ from when I run out, such as shampoo, body wash etc. I don’t need to cram all backups into my small bathroom cupboard. And I did a cool thing that is going to be so useful, I had three extra turntables from my pantry. I put those in the cleaned out bathroom cupboard and it is so nice to be able to see all my body lotions and body sprays by twirling it around. I like to choose different ones each day, so now nothing gets stuck at the back!

So today, find one small area that is bothering you, and create beautiful orderliness in that area. It might even be one shelf, don’t overwhelm yourself. Try and do it as fast as you can so it doesn’t become a big ordeal, and then bask in the glow of that space:)
‘The halo effect’ :)  Nina Cat is ‘helping’ me to write my next book. Actually I think she thinks it is a heat lamp just for her… the halogen bulb gets quite warm. She loves it!
If you think someone else might like to follow Serene Spa July too, please share this, and if you post your own tip on social media, please use the hashtag #serenespajuly so we can find you!

I will update you again next Thursday with a week's work of Serene Spa July tips, but if you'd like them sooner you can follow me and see one a day on Instagram and Facebook.

xx Fiona

PS. You can find my book '100 Ways to enjoy Self-Care for gentle wellbeing and a healthy body image' on Kindle and in paperback at my Amazon affiliate link here or tap the book cover above.

And the eBook only in my eStore for an Amazon alternative here.
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