Thursday, April 2, 2020

30 Chic Days at Home - Day 14 - Rest When You Need To

Image: Jen P, Unsplash
I don't know about you, but I've been taking it easy more than usual.  I do my chores and any jobs that need doing, but I haven't been packing tons into every day.  I've been honouring my energy levels and, when they are lower, I'll rest.  Whether it's sleeping an extra hour in the morning, turning in early at night or snuggling up under a rug on the sofa and closing my eyes for a bit, the little bits and pieces here and there feel so good.

Strangely enough, even with all the worry in the world, I've been sleeping quite well.  I think because there is such a huge event going on that all the little things that normally niggle me at 3am seem so insignificant right now!

I always know intellectually that resting is good, but I very rarely do it.  Instead, I'll eat something for energy.  Yes, I know, it sounds so dumb written down :)  But at the moment I am resting as a first response.

And the opposite of rest, while being the same (they both give you energy), is going for a walk.  I've never seen so many people walking up and down our street.  All the neighbours at one time or another.  And I notice it the few times I've been out in the car as well - family groups and happy pets out walking.  I think it's fantastic!

How about you?  Are you able to rest more?  Walk outdoors?  Tell me how you are handling things.

xx Fiona


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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

30 Chic Days at Home - Day 13 - Have Things To Look Forward To

Image: Sebastien Gabriel, Unsplash
Even though we're all in the same 'boat', not all of our situations are equal.  For every one of us is in confinement at home, there is someone else who has to commute to a workplace, and that workplace could be stressful or even a health risk.  What can we do if we are that person?  When it seems like the end of the week is so far away, how can we cope with long-term prospects?

This is quite possibly the toughest thing any of us might have to endure in our lifetime.  I can't pretend tough times I've had in the past can even compare, but it's all I have so here we go.

When the future seems bleak, it always helps me to have things to look forward to.  It works best when there is a combination of big things and little things.  Little things like a drink and a magazine before dinner, or a bar of chocolate, and big things like a hobby project or... in the old days it would have been planning a holiday.  But I think many of us won't be going on holiday for *quite* a while so we'll have to choose new shiny plans to keep our spirits up.

I think at this time it is more helpful to keep the things small, achievable and close.  A new-to-us series on Netflix.  An Instagram scroll.  Thinking of all the things we are grateful for. I mean, the fact that we have the Internet makes a global lockdown that much more manageable.  We can keep in touch with each other, and see how people in other countries are getting on.  We also have entertainment at our fingertips.

For me personally, the things I have in my 'Look Forward To' basket are my writing projects: a new cover for 'Financially Chic', finishing up my 'The Chic Author' book and writing chapters for 'Thirty Chic Days, Vol. 3'.

I also love my reading time first thing in the morning in bed, before my shower, and before dinner on the sofa.

What little things are you looking forward to at this uncommon time?

And if you are someone who has to go to work at the moment, I salute you.  Thank you for everything you are doing.

xx Fiona

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

30 Chic Days at Home - Day 12 - Keep The Faith

Image: Alberto Rocha, Unsplash
The situation we are in cannot go on forever.  The sun always comes out after rain.  Our job is to keep ourselves safe at the same time as keeping our faith.  Be in touch with what's happening but don't wallow in the news.  It feels much better to keep the spirit positive and to marinate in goodness, humour, kindness and grace.

Whenever I feel unsure of things, I look at what's going well.  Doing this never fails to lift my vibration, and with that higher consciousness comes fresh ideas and new hope.

You will not do yourself or anyone else any good by dwelling on what terrible things may happen.  None of us knows.  Instead, float your thoughts and intentions out into the atmosphere like pink balloons filled with happiness.  Fill the world with your love.  Every little bit counts.  We are holding virtual hands and all getting through this together.

xxx Fiona


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