Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The least sexy chic technique ever!

I know you’re thinking ‘What, Fiona! What is it!’ Well, my favourite and least sexy chic technique is USING THINGS UP. I know you’re probably shaking your head, but perhaps you are actually nodding on the inside?

For me, I have the tendency to stock up, stockpile, collect and generally gather stuff around me. That’s why it feels so good to use the last bit of something and decide what to get next. I love pretty body lotions and am so thrilled to get down to five bottles. I used to have more… It will be exciting to have one or two.

Same with items in the pantry. I now hang off on buying some things until I get near the end if I wonder whether I’ll purchase it again or perhaps try something different. Even if it’s something I know I will, there’s no point in having two or three packets.

I cleaned out our fridge a few weeks ago and took the opportunity to use up a few items that had been hanging around. It feels so good to open the fridge now and see clean shelves plus a tidy selection of food – like a staged fridge in an advertisement!

Our big chest freezer in the laundry is quite full so I took an inventory to whittle down numbers. I can visit the supermarket whenever I want, so there is no risk in keeping low levels of food in the house. Of course I’m not going to have nothing, but if I can cook for the week, I’m fine with that.

Other categories apply too: closet, hobbies, books, stationery supplies, sheets and towels, social plans and obligations among many.  And the reason why this is one of my favourite chic techniques is that it just feels better – lighter – to not stuff your life full, to have space to breathe and feel free.  And yes, it does feel more chic and elegant.

What about you? Are you a naturally ‘sticky’ person who has to be ever vigilant of not feeling bogged down in circumstances of your own making? Or do you glide effortlessly and Teflon-like through life, never having to consciously use things up?


PS. Would you like to read my books for free?  You can!  Simply request that your local library stocks them.  I have done this millions (well, maybe not millions but it’s been a lot) of times at my local library and it’s a wonderful service.

I was browsing the library catalogue online here where I live, and what popped up as a recommendation for me?  Only Thirty Chic Days!  Maybe they matched it to me because my name is the same as the name on the cover?  I was quite tickled!


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