Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Half-price sale!


Just for fun, everything in my eStore is HALF PRICE until the end of the month.  So go and have a browse when get a moment, at:

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I hope you find something!  Have fun!

xx Fiona

Thursday, March 11, 2021

A calm and peaceful feeling

There is no day that cannot be improved with a serene feeling.  With all the things we all have to deal with in our daily life, it is so important to give ourselves the gift of a peaceful mind.

I don’t know about you, but I have a very active mind which analyses things to an unhelpful point, and sometimes thoughts run around in circles on a loop, repeating themselves.  Especially when I wake up during the night and am trying to get back to sleep!

Cultivating a peaceful mind minimises those midnight thoughts, and helps me have a happy and content demeanour overall – even with niggles, stresses and maybe even bigger concerns in the background.

Firstly, I stop listening to all those thoughts.  Most of them are not helpful or even true.  I liken it to being somewhere with a lot of advertisements or billboards.  Do you buy every single thing they show you?  Do you go to every website listed and place an order?

Or window shopping.  I don’t buy something from every single store window I pass, and it’s the same with thoughts when your mind is busy.  You don’t have to buy each one, or any of them.  You can simply let them float by.

If there are things that come into my mind that are a real issue I have to deal with, I’ll write them down so I don’t forget.  Then I can either take action quite soon, or if I don’t have to deal with them right away, I’ll put a note on my calendar.  That way I can forget that thing quite happily and carry on being grateful for my day, my life and the glory of nature that is around me.  There is always something to notice and appreciate.

It seems so simple and basic, but I have found the best solutions often are.  I am a master at over-complicating things, and you might be too :)  Keep your thoughts simple and pure, and approach problems with a child-like mind.  Ask yourself, What are the most basic ideas for a solution?

Keep well, and be sure to prioritise your serenity today.

xx Fiona

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