Tuesday, March 31, 2020

30 Chic Days at Home - Day 12 - Keep The Faith

Image: Alberto Rocha, Unsplash
The situation we are in cannot go on forever.  The sun always comes out after rain.  Our job is to keep ourselves safe at the same time as keeping our faith.  Be in touch with what's happening but don't wallow in the news.  It feels much better to keep the spirit positive and to marinate in goodness, humour, kindness and grace.

Whenever I feel unsure of things, I look at what's going well.  Doing this never fails to lift my vibration, and with that higher consciousness comes fresh ideas and new hope.

You will not do yourself or anyone else any good by dwelling on what terrible things may happen.  None of us knows.  Instead, float your thoughts and intentions out into the atmosphere like pink balloons filled with happiness.  Fill the world with your love.  Every little bit counts.  We are holding virtual hands and all getting through this together.

xxx Fiona


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Monday, March 30, 2020

30 Chic Days at Home - Day 11 - Sort Your Photos!

Image: Charisse Kenion, Unsplash
Today I sorted through a big tin of photos brought home from my dad's place after he died, and put them all into one album.  I have a great method that I have used before, so here it is!

(Luckily I had two new photo albums that I bought almost six months ago for this job, yes, six months ago!  If you don't have stockpiled albums like me, you may be able to repurpose one you already have, or else have all your photos ready to go into an album once you can get to the shops.)

Here's my method:

Firstly tip all your photos out on the floor, facing up so you can see them, of course!

The, put face-down in a 'throw away' pile out to the side, any photos that:
  • Are blurry
  • Are of people you don't know
  • Give you a bad feeling
  • Bring back unhappy memories
  • Etc, etc.
You can be quite ruthless here, because you don't have to get rid of the 'throw away' pile just yet.  You can leave it to marinate in a bag for a week before you chuck it into the bin if you want.

After that, start sorting photos into rough piles.  I go by decades mostly, and within that, holidays, occasions and putting photos together that you can see were taken on the same day.

Once you've done your rough piles, start with the oldest pile and put them in the album first.  Put them into date order as well as you can without dithering too much.  Do your best while working fast and just get them into the slots (I prefer cellophane slots over stick-on pages for everyday albums versus something like a wedding album where you might want it to be a bit more special and designery).  You can always refine the order of photos once you've finished if you want to.

Then move onto the next oldest pile and put them in the album.  As you go, try and keep the like photos or occasions together.  Throw out any duplicates (or put them aside for family/friends who might like them too) and take this opportunity to throw out any more that you wonder why aren't in the 'throw away' pile already.

Keep on going and before too long your floor will be clean, except for the face down 'throw away' pile.  If you must, have a quick flick through these photos before you put them in a rubbish bag, just to make sure you haven't thrown out a keeper.  You will very quickly see that none of these photos are interesting to you.

Amazingly enough all of this doesn't take very long.  My batch today took a couple of hours, but even if you have tons of photos you'll get it done within a day I'm sure, or perhaps a couple of sessions split over two days.

It's such a nice feeling to have this job done.  I've gone from one big tin of photos and two crusty old albums to one nice, new album which is fun to flick through because it's in chronological order and contains only the best and nicest photos of people, pets and places.  There are no more far-away blurry giraffes from a family zoo visit in the 1980s!

Have I convinced you to sort out your photos yet, or are you already filed and ready to view?

xx Fiona


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Sunday, March 29, 2020

30 Chic Days at Home - Day 10 - Create Something

Image: Rebecca Grant, Unsplash

I don't know if there is a bigger fan of 'making things' than me.  Well, I'm sure there are, but I'll be right up there definitely.  Mum always told us when we were growing up that 'bored people are boring' so we'd stop bugging her when we were 'bored', and find our own entertainment.  She did us well with that advice!

There are endless things you can create around the home when you have time on your hands, or even if you don't have that much extra time with working from home and homeschooling, making something takes you into a meditative space.  Even a small amount of time each day will bring benefits to your wellbeing and it's nice to intersperse telly watching with something that makes you feel like you've achieved something.

Depending on what kinds of supplies you already have at home you could:

  • Start writing your book
  • Knit a garment
  • Sew something
  • Do cross-stitch
  • Bake cookies or bread
  • Use craft kits you have stashed away
  • Complete a jigsaw puzzle
  • Take cuttings from your garden and plant them in bare spots (I have this planned for my geraniums)
  • Colour in, paint or draw
I remember dad buying my sister and me balsa wood and tissue paper airplane kits when were young, maybe 10-12.  I loved making mine.  It was very satisfying to follow the instructions and create a model airplane.  I don't think my brother got one because he was quite a bit younger, but my sister and I rocked our craft kits!

And can I just nag, I mean gently encourage, you a bit on the first point - to start writing your book.  I know there are tons of you keen to do this (but haven't started yet), because over the years I've had many emails about this wish.  There has never been a better time to write your book.  If you need some inspiration and motivation, please join my free email class on being an author.  There are action steps and tips over the course of three weeks - a new email every few days.  Perhaps that would spur you on?

You can join that email course here: 

Please share what you are creating at your house.  I'm busy with my writing and may well bake some gluten-free cookies over the next few days.  I don't have a favourite recipe as I rarely bake, so I'll just google something when I'm in the mood. I have gluten-free flour, butter, sugar and some dark chocolate to chop into slivers, so I should be right, hopefully!

Keep busy and keep safe, everyone!
xx Fiona


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