Thursday, March 26, 2020

30 Chic Days at Home - Day 7 - Lockdown Chic

Image: Laura Chouette, Unsplash

I know this is a serious situation, but surely we can all have a little bit of Lockdown Chic in our lives while we ride out the virus?  My husband Paul said something so funny the other day.  He was getting ready to go into work to get business email put on his private laptop and collect other things so he could do anything he needed to from home, and he looked really smart having changed into a linen shirt and dark jeans to do so.  I said he looked nice, and his response?  "No point in letting coronavirus get in the way of your fashion standards."

I so agree (and how awesome is Paul)!  Even though we are in day one of lockdown and aren't going anywhere, I applied simple makeup and fixed my hair like I always do, plus earrings.  It just feels better.  Of course perfume is a must and it's fun to put together a capsule wardrobe of home-loungewear/day-clothes-hybrid which lets you be comfortable but also feel productive.  Some days I'll wear jeans and a nice top, but more than not during this time I think I'll be in leggings and a tee-shirt with a long cardigan if it's nippy.  All of these pieces are fairly new so they still look good, and naturally they go in the wash often.

Pairing these more casual clothes with good grooming is how I will be approaching our confinement at home.  It is a different time currently and normally I wouldn't wear leggings during the day because I come and go (and don't wear leggings beyond the gate), so it feels like a treat, but I also feel pulled together when the neighbours go past walking their dogs if I happen to be outside.  In a way it feels like comfort dressing, which is definitely better for you than comfort eating (I bitterly regretted having no potato chips in the house last night though, but it does mean that my plan of not stocking up on snack foods is working!)

What Lockdown Chic look are you rocking, and are you comfort dressing too?

xx Fiona


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  1. HA! 19 minutes ago you posted this and I just happened to be on my laptop! YAY! I totally agree. I'm in Vancouver - not in lockdown but seriously warned to stay home! This morning I put on a dress, all my makeup, perfume and earrings and my husband said, "Where are you going?" I said "going crazy but I want to look decent when I get there". (I think he may have thought I was already there!) I agree, Fiona. Be ready for anything. And if nothing happens, you're still ready. Somebody may FaceTime. Or maybe I'll suddenly want to FaceTime. Also, I have more energy when I'm looking better and feel like my best self and even the time taken to get ready is part of a routine that is kinda stabilizing. Thanks for these posts. xo karen

  2. ps... your husband Paul is either a perfect match for you or he's caught your chic attitude. "No point in letting the caronavirus get in the way of your fashion standards?" Hell, yes. xo karen

  3. I have been using our lockdown to flaunt much brighter makeup colors than I would normally feel comfortable leaving the house in. I feel like I'm still making the effort, that I'm using up the colors in a set that would normally go to waste, and my kids get a kick out of it!

  4. I'm in New Jersey and we've been in the house for about 10 days. I'm teaching at a university, remotely, and that's taking most of my time. I have to get dressed presentably for ZOOM conferences with my classes. That's a good thing.

  5. I am getting up and dressed like a normal day, here in Texas. I wear minimal makeup anyway, so my 5 minute routine just makes me feel like I'm ready for the day. I have tried to amp up my legging type wardrobe and throw on some of my more comfy jeans (with elastic waist), just so I would feel better. I'm getting out every few days to grab a coffee through a drive-thru, and take my time driving around just so I can feel like I've been somewhere.

    Today I'm working on my book, reading Module 5 of your writing course and doing cleaning in between, which keeps my mind from getting too groggy.

    I'm loving these daily posts, Fiona! Thank you for taking time to treat us!

  6. We aren't on lockdown (yet) but I'm cleaning the house, and getting dressed in the morning as well since it makes me feel better. I also try to get out and drive around a bit so I can feel like I have a little freedom (although it's nice today and a walk around the block is in for today). I'm wearing my comfy jeans and leggings during this time - but I do put on a nice top and now earrings and a bit of makeup to perk myself up.

  7. Team Paul! Like him, I'm refusing to let my standards slip. I was on my online women's group's call last week and the leader said she was glad to see my red lipstick still gleaming. Someone else said she bought flowers specifically for her shut-down, so she felt shinier. If I get dressed and put on earrings and lipstick, I feel like me and not some poor miserable bundle of stress.

  8. The beginning of this "stay home" phase, I was in leggings & a long T-shirt, usually my hair us in a bun & no makeup.
    The past few days, hubby has been home & I have put on a cute summer dress with earrings, mascara, lipstick & perfume. It feels wonderful to feel pretty & feminine even if we're lounging at home.


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