Monday, February 11, 2019

Living slim in a culture that celebrates with food

Today's vlog post was inspired by a reader question. Cathy asked me on Facebook:

“One thing I’d love to hear your thoughts on is living slim in a culture that celebrate food, and celebrates with food. Today is the Super Bowl here in Georgia. People will be gorging themselves. My stomach is already tense thinking about being strong at the party we’re going to tonight.

So the conflict will be both internal and external, a double whammy. It’s like we need to carry within us the little secret joy that our choices are changing our whole lives, as if we need to keep one eye on the big picture, when the other eye is on the Mexican bean dip and stacks of pizza take-out.”

Haha, I love the way you've put that Cathy!

I hope you find my video useful, and please, anyone let me know if you have any follow-up questions.  A reminder if you can't hear well or want to watch my video somewhere you can't have sound on, you can turn on the subtitles (the CC button for 'closed captions').  It doesn't *quite* pick up all my words correctly which is probably because I don't have an American accent, but it's pretty good!

Update: After posting this video I realised I cut the last few minutes off inadvertently - I remember a reminder coming up on my phone and I swiped it away, perhaps pausing my video without realising.  Sorry!

Have a wonderful week and I'll catch you again next Monday with another new video (which will be complete!!) :)


PS. I have TWO exciting announcements today:

Firstly is that my interview with Jennifer L. Scott of the Daily Connoisseur ('Madame Chic') will be live in the next day or so, so look out for that on Jennifer's YouTube channel here:

It was SO lovely chatting with Jennifer.  She is a beautiful person inside and out!

And secondly, I have released my original '30 Chic Days' blog series as a book.  All four series are in one volume and they are a great price too - $2.99 for the Kindle eBook and $9.99 for the paperback.  The Kindle copy is available now, and the paperback will be very soon, hopefully in the next day or two.

I have had requests to put all the series together into an eBook and I thought this was a great idea.  I have polished everything up and also added a chapter at the end with different ideas on how to curate your own '30 Chic Days' experience.  Such fun, and I hope you enjoy having this on your device or in paperback for enticing snippets of inspiration. The print copy is 278 pages long so there is lots or inspiration to be had!


  1. Hi Fiona, Seems to be a small glitch in your video - it stopped suddenly in the middle of a sentence at @ 15:31 ... I did enjoy what I saw until then, though. I also just downloaded the kindle version of your new blog book; thanks for doing that - I love reading this sort of thing on the bus; takes me away from the reality of public transit ;-) Cheers! Catherine H

    1. Oh no, Catherine!! I checked and my original video is only 15:31 long... which means I must have chopped myself off and kept right on talking. Arrggh. I remember an alarm came on my phone and I swiped it away - maybe my video paused then and I didn't realise. So sorry!!

    2. No worries Fiona; there was lots of info in that 15:31! Looking forward to next week's video... and will check out Jennifer's site for your interview. Take care, Catherine

  2. I agree with your comment that having a day where you PLAN to stuff yourself doesn't seem balanced or chic. That doesn't mean you can't have the occasional treat, but a no-holds-barred cheat day doesn't work for me either. Having it turn into a "cheat two years" is unfortunately something I can relate to. :(

    BTW, I love "Thirty Slim Days." I've read my original copy three times and taken notes too. Thank you, Fiona!

  3. Fiona, I enjoy seeing your tiny co-host and your background is just beautiful there. As always great info. Nancy

  4. I really enjoyed the video. It feels like we are having a beverage on your patio table enjoying a lovely conversation :)

    Thanks for the book compilation. I just got it for my kindle. I love having your book covers all over my kindle, they are so chic!

  5. Good morning, Fiona! I'm wondering if you're planning on putting transcripts of your videos onto your blog? I loath videos & podcasts & rarely watch/listen to them (yours might be an exception if I can get the video to work on my computer, which it doesn't seem to want to do). Quite frankly, I have enough noise & chatter going on around me in real life; I like just being able to sit quietly & read something, tea in hand, & give my ears a rest :-) Plus, I absorb information much better by reading than listening & I like the luxury of re-reading sentences or paragraphs that capture my attention which, when on a video, just shoot past & are forgotten by the end.

    Sorry for coming into your comment section to complain -- not very chic at all! Love your blog, & I swear your books are getting better & better -- I'm building up quite a little library section of Ferris titles!

  6. Hi Fiona love your blog and have most of your blogs. However just a little plea. Could you also write on the blog like you used to please? I love reading and rereading and not always somewhere that I can have sound on. Thanks for your inspiring words.

    Isabel x

  7. Hi Fiona! I love this podcast. We often are invited to friends' homes, not necessarily for meals but for "drinks" which are always accompanied by "appies" - crackers, chips, baked dips, cheese, sausage - all my favorite and least easily resisted foods. I feel like I took a deep breath and breathed in your chic suggestions. I love the idea of being chic enough to not over-nibble "nibbles". rather than (figuratively) slapping at my wrists through the whole event. Also, I just received your "30 Slim Days" and was astonished to see that your whole premise is "mindset". For a few years now I've followed the writings and teachings of a leading neuroscientist, whose research shows that when you change your mind, you change your life. She teaches, exactly like you.... think, feel and then choose. Create your thought, think about it consistently enough to attach a positive emotion to it and then it becomes who you are. I'm not sure how you came to promote a cutting edge scientific principle, but I love, love, love the truth of what you're saying. Thank you!! I'm a huge fan. xo

  8. Hello Fiona. So delighted to find your blog/podcasts through the Jennifer L. Scott interview. Being an Australian surounded by lovely kiwis in my life listening to your podcast is actually quite special. The podcasts up to now i have found on topics that interest me are from the US so hearing you speak somehow makes your message seem more applicable to my life. Love the outside videos too and your beautiful little chloe. Theres a book i read last year called finding gobi about a little rescue dog who looks like your Chloe. Little Gobi now has his own intagram if you want to look. Its called finding gobi from memory. Anyway, thanks again and im looking forward to reading some of your books at some point.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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