Sunday, August 18, 2019

Feeling good

Hello chic friends!  Here in New Zealand we are in the thick of winter, but it feels like spring is not too far away.  There is an abundance of bright yellow daffodils in our garden and the temperatures are becoming milder.

I'm feeling really good and I think it's down to two things:

1. I've been purposely focusing on positive thoughts, having gratitude and increasing my mindset to be happier, and

2. Tidying and beautifying my home and garden.  We found a great gardener who has been doing the hard things, and that in itself has inspired me to tidy the smaller parts more.  I have also been decluttering superflous items, tidying areas and organising things that had gotten muddly.

I know as a human it's just part of our makeup to go through happier, lighter times when everything flows easily, and then there are those times where everything seems like a monumental effort.  I totallyget that. At those times it's simply enough to try and keep the laundry up to date and cook dinner :)

But even in those times (or should I say 'especially in those times') I try to read books that uplift me such as a good novel or this beautiful Italian picture book (focusing on Florence) which I borrowed from the library, take time for hair and makeup, and get a good night's sleep by doing all the things I know work for me (winding down before bed, no sugar, having our bedroom be tidy and peaceful).

I don't know how you find it, but for me the ups and downs of day to day life are quite strong.  Possibly it could by my introvert nature.  I absorb a lot and I have to be careful about that.  I also have to actively work on feeling good with balanced meals, lots of water, a positive mindset and all those things that you've read about in wellness articles before.

It's amazing how all those lifestyle tips seem so boring and obvious, then when you don't do them you realise, wow, they are important.  But I also think that for some of us it takes a bit of effort to get back to an even keel when we feel that life is bolting along and we're hanging on by our fingernails.  That sounds a bit dramatic but I'm sure you have felt this way too at some stage and maybe you are now.

Brian Tracy, one of my favourite 'pump me up' motivational authors, says that in life you have small and large crises regularly, and it's a part of life.  A small crisis might be forgetting to put the outdoor umbrella down when there was a wind warning and now it's kindling in the fireplace basket (Yes, this just happened to us).  If only I'd not forgotten to check the umbrellas was folded away!

Big crises can knock you down for longer, but everything is a part of life.  It was the first anniversary of my dad's death this week, and the past year has felt both long and short.  Estates take a lot of untangling and we are working our way through it piece by piece.

All of this to say that wherever you are, it's where you're meant to be.  Sometimes things that happen to you can feel so unfair, but trying to resist a situation doesn't feel good.  It feels much better to focus on the positive, have gratitude for what is going well and give thanks for everything you've been blessed with.  Sounds hokey, but when you are in a difficult position, it means everything.

Blessings to you wherever you are (not just in the world, but if you're in a hard place or an easy place right now).

xx Fiona

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