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Thirty Chic Days is available to purchase as an eBook here for US$9.99.

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Is it possible to live a chic and elegant life if you don't live in Paris, or even France? Instead of daydreaming about running away to the City of Light, 'Thirty Chic Days' invites you to put on your French-tinted sunglasses and view your everyday through an enchanting and motivating filter.

Inside this book you will find thirty chapters (or 'days') full of joie de vivr
e sharing fun and exciting ways to bring your ideal chic life into being. 'Thirty Chic Days' is a warm, encouraging and fanciful guide on living a simple and beautiful French-inspired life. Enjoy dozens of delicious no-cost ideas and feel inspired to uplevel yourself and your surroundings in an effortless and enjoyable way.

Through her popular blog author Fiona Ferris provides thousands of women from all around the world with tools and inspiration to elevate the everyday from mundane to magical.



Day 1 Have a Paris state of mind
Day 2 Eat real food
Day 3 Bathe yourself in mystique
Day 4 Make up your eyes
Day 5 Create and guard your secret garden
Day 6 Be your own French aunt
Day 7 Honour your body with chic movement
Day 8 Be beautifully positive
Day 9 Support your signature charity
Day 10 Simplify your life for abundance
Day 11 Adopt a low-drama way of being
Day 12 Curate your wardrobe like it is your own bijou boutique
Day 13 Indulge in your femininity
Day 14 Design the life of your dreams
Day 15 Cultivate serenity and calmness in your life
Day 16 Create a sanctuary at home
Day 17 Take exquisite care of your grooming
Day 18 Little and often
Day 19 Socialise in a relaxed manner
Day 20 Be your own chef
Day 21 Inspire yourself
Day 22 Build rest and repose into your daily routine
Day 23 Be financially chic
Day 24 Live a life of luxury
Day 25 Collect contentment in petite measures
Day 26 Make every day magical
Day 27 Embrace creativity and enjoy the benefits
Day 28 Think of your home as if it were a boutique hotel
Day 29 Walk your errands
Day 30 Immerse yourself in sensuous beauty
Bonus Day Take inspired action

Reviews from Amazon:

Jennifer L. Scott, author of 'Lessons from Madame Chic' said:
Such good fun and very inspiring.  Fiona Ferris has created a fun, motivational book for women on how to live a more joyful and chic life. Just by reading one or two chapters you will feel compelled to get up and start making changes and implementing her unique tips. Fans of her blog, How To Be Chic, will not be disappointed in this rich volume, full of chic words of wisdom.

Stephanie H. said:
Charming read!  This is a charming book! Fiona comes across as your very chic best girlfriend and offers sound advise for the modern woman on how to make your everyday life more chic. The book can be read from start to finish, or you can pick and choose which chapter topics interest you the most and read one per day. I gained lots of new inspiration from her ideas and they made me think deeper on each subject as to why I might want to implement a change and most importantly, how to make it fun. Highly recommended!

Sasha said:
Five stars.  I loved reading the book.

Adrienne Shubin, The Rich Life in Wine Country blog said:
Fiona's book will inspire you to live your best life! I have been a longtime fan of Fiona's blog, How to be Chic, and am so excited that she has created this wonderful guide to living well. Her book has inspired me to be the best person I can be and her gentle tone makes me want to read her chapters again and again. Her tips are smart, practical and motivational. She has me taking more walks and I even picked out a charity I want to focus on raising money for. Thank you, Fiona, for sharing your wonderful advice for chic, contented living!

Catherine said:
A truly fantastic readThis is the latest and possibly the best (so far) of Fiona's books. As a follower of her blog posts for a long time, I have always loved her relaxed way of writing. It's like she is sitting there and chatting to me.  I have read the book through in order, start to finish, and I will be returning and dipping into various days very soon.  The Paris lifestyle is a focal point, however, the suggestions and ideas are available wherever you live.  I honestly cannot say enough good things about this book. I am a voracious reader of Lifestyle and French Style books, there are not many I have not read, and Fiona is very much at the top of my favourites.

Memee said:
Savoring our daysI, too, follow Fiona's blog and have all of her previous books. Her writing voice is strongest in this newest book. Her writing resonates so positively, I believe, because she reminds us and shows us how to savor all of the ordinary parts of our ordinary days.

Baroness Giovanna Sforza said:
BravaBrava, Fiona. Enjoyed your outlook on life.

LBDDiaries said:
Well written, enjoyable wonderfully chic bookThis is an excellent and well-written book, a daily devotional to keep you inspired to live your best life. Like others have mentioned, I follow her blog and enjoy her witty and humorous voice. She comes across as very honest chic person, and just helps you along the way to living a life by enjoying everything around you, keeping beautiful things in front of your face, etc. Be prepared to read then get up and make changes! I really believe this is the best inspiring book I've read on this topic - being chic and pulled together - in a very long time! Her ideas are not impossible-dream ideas. No they are down-to-earth, real word advice ideas you can implement, easily!

Maid2Order said:
Inspiration for a Beautiful Life.  Thirty Chic Days provides a road map to living a more beautiful, authentic life. Fiona shares practical ideas for discovering how to live with more bliss and mindfulness. This is a book I will re-read often.

Jorge Fuertes Villanueva said:
So inspiringGreat book. Totally inspiring. I've being applying some of the tips and I feel Great. After reading it I'm feeling so creative and motivated to improve my life. I love it.

Princess said:
Awe~inspiringThis is a glorious masterpiece by blogger and gifted author Fiona Ferris. Reading this lovely book, which is abundant with soothing inspiration and hopeful possibilites, just calms the soul. A sweet balm for anyone yearning to live and celebrate a beautiful life with simply serenity.

Cathy brophy said:
Five Stars.  Great read !

Tracy Lee said:
Gentle and encouragingThe author's writing tone is gentle and encouraging as she shares ways to add more chic-ness to your life. The thing that stood out to me is that one does not need to spend a fortune to create a beautiful life and also that small changes can reap big rewards. One doesn't need to overhaul their life overnight. Definitely a book that I will re-read many, many times!

Sherry said:
Delightful and Inspirational !  A wonderful book!. It uniquely covers every area of your life, not just fashion. I loved every minute of it and did not want it to end. Fiona also has a great blog which you must sign up for! Thank you Fiona !!! 

Jackie Filippelli said:
REally fun book to be read quickly. you can take it on your summer vacations. Fiona does a good job at choosing the right material to discuss in her book. i enjoyed reading her book very much.

Leslie, Hostess of the Humble Bungalow blog said:
Fiona Ferris's new book is wonderful!  The book is well written focusing on specific areas in which we can improve our quality of life and there are tips on how to implement change.  I particularly like the French Femme theme that runs throughout the book...J'adore Paris and like Fiona I can imagine myself back in Paris sipping a cafe creme at a sidewalk cafe, scarf tied around my neck wearing red lipstick and perfume...there is a luxury and richness in her attitude towards bringing and embracing some quintessentially chic French habits.  There are simple ideas for home keeping and her thoughts on taking charge of the clutter and mess really work to reduce unnecessary stress.  Thirty Chic Days is a wonderful guide for living life with elegance, serenity and cultivating joy.

Angela Brown said:
It was fun to read. I discovered that I am not nearly as chic as I hoped to be (big surprise) but I am working on it. The chapter on always being friendly and nice got a little to me. But other than that I can recommend the book.

Victoria Robinson said:
written in a style like you're talking to you best friend.  Delightful! Full of practical tips, written in a style like you're talking to you best friend. Perfect for curling up with a cuppa!

c mcclure said:
Inspiring Book.  Such wonderful inspiration for anyone looking for elegant, simple and lower stress living. I love this book. I also love her Blog... How To Be Chic

Shannon Ables, of The Simply Luxurious Life said:
A treat to indulge in.  Fiona's book is a delightful read to serve as a reminder that it is the everyday approaches to living that make a grand difference in our overall happiness. With a devoted appreciation and love for the French culture, she shares ideas that anyone can incorporate into their daily routine. With thirty chapters, readers can go at a leisurely pace indulging in one chapter an evening before drifting off to blissful slumber or devour in a day as it is easy to want to do.

Bertie Roos said:
Three Stars.  Entertaining

JRDallas said:
Uplifting and fun.  Although not necessarily very "French", this is an encouraging read to add to the genre. I read it once quickly, then re-read more slowly. I found just a few suggestions somewhat outdated (and not very French, such as striving to keep a pleasant smile on your face at most times). However, I will keep this and read it again when I need a little pick-me-up.

Jenny Clemens said:
Five Stars.  Great book on being, feeling and acting chic!

Danish Pastry said:
Five Stars.  Great fun and inspiring

Mrs. M. G. Powling said:
A book to inspire you.  Unlike a lot of self-help books, Fiona's doesn't tell you what to do or how to do it, but it inspires you to enjoy a more chic lifestyle. Even such things as cleaning and tidying can be made pleasurable if we do not think of them as chores but how to create a nicer environment for ourselves. Every chapter (or 'day') suggests ways in which we can improve our lives, and a theme pervades which is 'little and often', so whether tidying up, sorting out our finances, or our personal beauty regime, little and often is better than either not at all (for we seldom go overboard on these things!)  This book is not about trying to have it all, either, but about a more simpler lifestyle, taking pleasure in small things, such as instead of drinking from supermarket glasses, use crystal every day for your mineral water. It is all about, as Fiona puts it, feeling abundant with less. I have loved every chapter of this book and I hope it won't be too long before Fiona embarks on another, perhaps publishing those which are available on Kindle, but not yet in paperback.

Deborah Seago said:
Four Stars.  inspiration muse

Ms C T Butterfield said:
Enjoyable.  A useful and inspirational read. I enjoyed the references to French living that provide some excellent tips that help to make the mundane tasks in life more exciting. One section of the book I wasn't struck with related to animal charities and cats. Not my cup of tea but I could understand how it could relate to any other charitable giving. Overall though a good read.

Petal49 said:
Five Stars.  I loved it. Very simple but interesting ways to add a little something extra to your life.

Amazon Customer said:
Elegant, inspirational and a calming conversation with a best friend.  Buy this book. It is simple, elegant, motivating, calming, inspiring and quietly refined. Fiona has an eloquent way with words, the book feels like a conversation with a close girlfriend who you secretly want to emulate, an older sister that has a life you want to covet- and she gives you the skills to do just that. Perfect with a coffee, snuggled with a blanket, Read the book, let your mind wander. Take notes and put things into practice- Fiona references a "secret garden"- this book is mine.

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