Wednesday, March 25, 2020

30 Chic Days at Home - Day 6 - Keep in Touch with Technology

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In the blog comments yesterday, Juhli said "Don't forget the health benefits of still connecting often with others. They need it too".  I had this point on my ideas list for this series, so I thought I'd bring it forward to be today's post.

In the past week I started thinking about people I wanted to keep in touch with.  It wasn't a conscious decision, but something that came about organically because of our changed circumstances.  Some people on my list I talk to regularly, and some I haven't for a long time.  But at times like this you want to check in with people.  I've already spoken on the phone to two elderly family members who don't live near me, and I have others to contact, some by phone and some by email who are overseas. It's just nice to say 'I've been thinking about you' and it feels good to have a little catch up.

I also thought of using Facetime (or other video chat services and apps that are available) to have a coffee date or glass of wine with a friend.  That would be quite fun, no?  Meeting at 3pm or 5pm with a hot or cold drink and a chat for half an hour?  With video it gives you a reason to put a pretty top on and do your hair and it really feels like you are with that person.  But you're still self-isolating :)

So today I'm going to add to my list of people to keep in touch with, and go through it one by one over the coming weeks.  There are actually a lot of really nice side effects to this dreadful crisis, and one of them is the increased connection.  I've heard of people helping others in supermarket queues (holding their place if they've forgotten something) and being kinder and more forgiving to one another in general.

May it continue long after we all get back to our normal lives!

Let me know if you have a to-contact list too.

xx Fiona


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  1. I'm doing the same thing here in Arkansas. I have relatives in New York (who I just contacted to make sure he is okay) and one in Mississippi (again to check on) and those on the West Coast (Los Angeles, Oregon and British Columbia). With this virus on the rise we need to keep in touch. Also reaching out to senior neighbors to see if they need anything. I hope to get a computer with a camera and also put app on phone for face time - I'd love the chance to have a cup of tea and actually see my far away friends. I am also re-reading your book, I have the 3 in one. Take care all of you out there.

  2. Thanks for expanding on my comment. I too need to broaden the list of who I reach out to and will enjoy the renewed contact I'm sure. A good thing to add to my daily activities.

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  4. Hi, Fiona, and thank you for this series!

    I've been in touch on the phone with my elderly parents-in-law and my son, and had a video chat with my daughter and grandsons. I was addressing Easter cards today, and will write an encouraging note in each one before mailing it next week.

    I've also written some blog posts about the current situation of uncertainty and lockdown:


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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