Tuesday, March 31, 2020

30 Chic Days at Home - Day 12 - Keep The Faith

Image: Alberto Rocha, Unsplash
The situation we are in cannot go on forever.  The sun always comes out after rain.  Our job is to keep ourselves safe at the same time as keeping our faith.  Be in touch with what's happening but don't wallow in the news.  It feels much better to keep the spirit positive and to marinate in goodness, humour, kindness and grace.

Whenever I feel unsure of things, I look at what's going well.  Doing this never fails to lift my vibration, and with that higher consciousness comes fresh ideas and new hope.

You will not do yourself or anyone else any good by dwelling on what terrible things may happen.  None of us knows.  Instead, float your thoughts and intentions out into the atmosphere like pink balloons filled with happiness.  Fill the world with your love.  Every little bit counts.  We are holding virtual hands and all getting through this together.

xxx Fiona


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  1. I liked your post on photo albums - very insightful - but I'm not ready to tackle that yet! This entry with the gorgeous picture gives me inspiration. I think what draws me to the actual city of Paris and the IDEA of Paris is just... beauty. It's a world in my mind that's timeless & glorious. I'm so lucky to have visited a few times and though I love it, it isn't all that. It has it's grungy parts and it's not so chic people... but aside from the jaw dropping splendor of the Eiffel Tower & the artistic wonder of the Louvre, there are glimpses of magnifique all over the place that exist just because they like to be "extra"! Splashes of color. Unexpected interchanges with people that are warm and memorable because they are so charming. You reminded me we are all artists. We can create a beautiful world. Thank you. XO

  2. What is helping me is that I had started working with a life coach before all of this happened and we decided that as long as my life was blown up, I might as well use that to my advantage and be intentional on how I restarted everything. Now is the time to make some changes for good!

  3. I do not watch the news, and with the exception of walking in when my husband was listening to a couple of press conferences, I have gone about life as normal, dwelling on what is lovely, of good report, virtuous, and praiseworthy. There are a few scripture verses in the Holy Bible in Philippians 4 that instruct us how to deal with what could cause us to be full of care or anxious. I endeavor to encourage others through calls and sending flowers and by being at peace. Being anxious does not change a thing and is not good for our health. We never really know what a day will hold; this pandemic is just making it more obvious. I am trusting the God who created me and loves me and each and everyone he created. I appreciate you, Fiona, and the grace and beauty you inspire. Thank you!

  4. thank you Fiona for your positive vibe its refreshing, I read two of your books and am looking forward to the others, stay well. Lisa in NY

  5. İnşallah bu günlerde geçecek. Allah'ım hepimizin yardımcısı olsun.

  6. This is perfect for today, Fiona! Some days we can tackle projects and power through this mess and come out with a major accomplishment or two. Some days just staying standing and not caving is the one accomplishment. Thank you for doing this 30 days. I look forward to it. xo karen

  7. Thanks Fiona,
    I love your books as they are little gifts of joy and inspiration. I look forward to your blogs and learning new ways to stay "Chic" through these challenging times. L'Amour Toujours.

  8. I try not to watch the news (except for the weather, and what's going on for a short time). I contact my friends in other states and check up on them and we remember the fun times and the things we plan on doing in the future. I've bought flowers for the table, and keep thinking of pleasant ways to inspire my days during this time. I love your posts and remember the fun I had visiting my friend in New Zealand.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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