Tuesday, March 24, 2020

30 Chic Days at Home - Day 5 - Go on a Health Retreat

Image: Karol Kaczorek, Unsplash
As of yesterday New Zealand has gone into lockdown.  For a minimum of four weeks, only essential businesses such as supermarkets and chemists are allowed to be open.  All other stores, schools, libraries and businesses are closed.  Everyone must stay at home unless it's to buy groceries or be outside for exercise.  No visiting people and as little contact with others as possible.  It's the biggest thing many of us have been involved with in our lifetime.

Last year my brother went on a one-month health retreat at a place called FitKoh in Thailand.  He did yoga and gym workouts and had a Thai massage every day.  It was all part of the package.  Healthy meals were provided.  He came back fitter, healthier and refreshed.

I've had the thought to do that for myself but without leaving the country, or even my own home.  And of course right now is the perfect opportunity to put something like this into place.  There is lots we can't control right now, so we might as well make the best of things, right?

I feel energized by the thought of:

  • Cozying up for early nights with a good book.
  • Prepping lots of nutritious food at home - making soup, chopping vegetables for salads and dinner, putting together slow-cooker meals, smoothies for breakfast and sometimes special restaurant-style meals for dinner.
  • Going on walks and doing outdoor fitness like people do in parks, but on my lawn!
  • Yoga and stretching in my living room.  I love to stretch at my own pace and just what feels good, and I also love the Rituals Cosmetics Global channel on YouTube for their soothing yoga classes.
  • Choosing non-alcoholic drinks more often than not.
  • Doing at-home facials and self-massage as I apply my body lotion each day.

Imagine coming out of our global self-isolation healthy and vibrant instead of having soothed our fears with chocolate and brandy and feeling not so good.  I have chosen not to have any of my usual treat foods in the house and don't plan on stocking up at all.  If I really, really want something I'll get it, but I'm not having foods available 'just in case', because, of course, when they're there, they'll get eaten.

I purposely didn't buy any brandy before the bottle stores close down for a month either.  If I want a wine I'll have one, but last night I enjoyed a flavoured sparking mineral water in a champagne flute and it was perfect.

Are you with me?  Claiming this strange and worrying time as your own personal health retreat?  Please tell me your plans and share your fabulous ideas with everyone.

xx Fiona

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  1. We just started week 2 of shutdown in California and I agree totally! In addition don't forget the health benefits of still connecting often with others. They need it too.

  2. Thanks so much for your daily posts and for the tip on Rituals Yoga. I often do Yoga with Kassandra or Boho Beautiful on Youtube but I'm looking forward to a new playlist!

  3. I have lost weight in the past 8 months, and sure don't want to gain it back now!! Comfort eating is a real temptation in anxious times, but I'm with you. Keep to our routines and stay healthy. I like the idea of taking a "spa retreat" at home!

  4. I love this idea. I've had the niggling beginnings of this thought, but you've put it together in a full-blown plan. "Imagine coming out of this feeling healthy and vibrant instead of having soothed our fears with brandy and chocolate". I've been able to keep the snacky food out of our house by individual one-off choices, but I'm going to make a policy NOT to stock up. If we want something, we have to run out and get it. Also, I listened to your lovely Spotify playlist the other night and it's wonderful. The perfect background for calm, positive, healthy thoughts and activities. Thank you, Fiona. I've missed you. xo karen

  5. I love the idea. We haven't gone on lockdown yet (but we should as Arkansas is surrounded by states with growing numbers are we are getting there. I've found a 30 challenge of yoga on Prime and plan to start that, as well as checking out Adrienne on YouTube. I love the idea of pampering myself. I'm putting on Pandora station in the mornings while having my tea and getting cozy on the couch. I've got rid of the snack food - and now have to organize the pantry.

  6. I love this idea. Already I'm getting more and better sleep because I am no longer rushed for anything. Now is the perfect time to start an in home pilates or barre regime as the tree pollen count here is sky high. I've also been enjoying home cooked meals for every meal. If anyone wants something sweet here I have to bake it, which we enjoy in much smaller quantities than before when it was so easy to buy sweets and candy.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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