Friday, March 27, 2020

30 Chic Days at Home - Day 8 - Welcome Colour

Image: NRD, Unsplash
Having extra daily doses of colour was one of my ideas for this series of 30 Chic Days, and I was tickled to see this comment from Anonymous on yesterday's post:

"I have been using our lockdown to flaunt much brighter makeup colors than I would normally feel comfortable leaving the house in. I feel like I'm still making the effort, that I'm using up the colors in a set that would normally go to waste, and my kids get a kick out of it!"

Isn't that a cool idea?  What a perfect time to try new looks.  I usually use a neutral eyeshadow but I'm going to do the same.  I'm sure we all have those brighter colours that are in mixed eyeshadow palettes and we never get around to using them.

When I wanted to get better with eye makeup (as described in 'Day 4: Make up your eyes' in the Thirty Chic Days book, available here on Amazon), I practised my smokey/bombshell eye makeup every day for a while.  Some days I really rocked it too.  My husband got used to coming home to a vixen each night!

Other ways to bring colour into your life are:
  • Changing cushion covers or cloth dinner napkins out (maybe you sew?)
  • Wearing red or hot pink lipstick with simple eye makeup (matte feels modern and looks great with bright colours.)
  • Flowers, of course.  Maybe from your garden or faux silk flowers.
  • Wearing your brighter tops and scarves to throw colour on your face
  • Planting brightly coloured flowering plants in pots or your garden
  • Filling your Pinterest with images in your favourite shades.
  • Making brightly coloured salads to go with your meals
  • Adding contrasting edible garnishes to meals, such as capsicum (bell pepper) slices, parsley, sliced tomatoes, carrot batons etc.
It doesn't have to be all about the bright colours either, although I do love to wear my tangerine coloured ballet flats and kelly green tee-shirt with jeans.  You can go all feminine and floaty.  I've been into all shades of pink at the moment and love to mix up rose gold, melon, coral, pale yellow, pink and red too.  All the shades of the best kind of sunrise.  I don't know if there is any scientific evidence that colour boosts your immune system but I feel like there must be, because colour feels so good.

Please share how you are adding colour to your life and also what your favourite shades are right now!

xx Fiona


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  1. I like to wear black. With strong colour. And for me that's a personality "thing" I suppose. I sometimes do colouring in people's auras for them, and pretty much, the colours that we love, are drawn to, are in our aura. (At times, this will change) I love purple, magenta and hot pink, for that very reason, because they are already around me.

  2. Please consider producing a podcast on a regular basis. I'm an auditory learner and would love it if I could hear you weekly or monthly. Thank you for the work you're have already done. It is enlightening and refreshing.

  3. I have in fact sewn a big tablecloth, of one of those English flowery upholstery fabrics, for a table in the middle of my living room, on which I have changing displays of objects; and matching cushion covers. I've ordered cushion pads for them from a London department store.

    And, I so agree about earrings, which you mentioned a few days back. I've started wearing my beautiful earrings again, and it makes all the difference.


  4. I just changed my table setup. In winter it's all deep blues and silvers, now it's white with lavender candles, floral accents, and purple placemats and napkins. It makes me feel better to see it.

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Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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