Saturday, July 22, 2023

'Thirty More Chic Days' on sale now!

Last month I had a sale on ‘Thirty Chic Days’ and it was so popular that I thought ‘why not do the second book in the series too?’ So here I am :)

For a limited time ‘Thirty More Chic Days’ will be US$2.99 on Kindle (a 70% discount!) and US$12.99 in paperback (usually $20).

If you’ve enjoyed the first book, why not download the second book too?

And if you have already read the second book, I’d love it if you could forward this post on to someone else who you think would love it. I’d really appreciate that!

Thirty More Chic Days’ continues on in the same format – there are thirty chapters, or ‘days’, each detailing a different facet of ‘creating an inspired mindset for a magical life’. Would you like a sneak peek to the kind of content inside?


Day 1. Embrace your inner French girl and her dream life

Day 2. Choose glamour

Day 3. French chic and slender

Day 4. Live a five-star life

Day 5. Get your sexy back

Day 6. Be your own chic mentor

Day 7. Find your dream life filter

Day 8. Be chic in the summer

Day 9. Have a closet like Coco

Day 10. From Paris to the South of France

Day 11. Honour your feminine heart

Day 12. Be easy to get along with

Day 13. Become a chic success

Day 14. Grow better every year

Day 15. Elevate your dining experience

Day 16. Be the happiest person you know

Day 17. Create your own chic manifesto

Day 18. Embrace your inner bombshell

Day 19. Don’t talk, just do

Day 20. Have a daily success plan

Day 21. Reframe everything to be beautiful, magical and luxurious

Day 22. French Friday

Day 23. Know how to lift your mood

Day 24. How to love where you live

Day 25. Cultivate your own star quality

Day 26. Create your own designer décor look for less

Day 27. Choose to look and feel amazing

Day 28. Get your chic travel game on

Day 29. Incorporate chic anchors throughout your home and your life

Day 30. Focus on creating your own beautiful life


If this sounds good to you, please go ahead and make the most of the sale :)

You can find both versions – Kindle and paperback – at my affiliate Amazon link here.

(I earn a small commission if you use my links but it doesn’t change the price for you. I appreciate it if you do choose to use my link!)

And for an Amazon alternative, the eBook is in my eStore here.

Happy reading – and happy weekend – to you!

xx Fiona

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