Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Chic Days - Day One

There's something about a new month that allows one to start afresh. It's like a mini-new-year, but you get twelve of them, and with less pressure.

In the lead up to the holiday season with all the Christmas advertising just starting, I plan to put some tranquility into my life by remembering thirty of my basic chic principles, one day at a time.

Day One: Create a French headspace

Even though I shall likely never live in France, this doesn’t stop me dreaming about being a French girl and living a chic life. I may be working on the computer or lining up at the bank, but in my mind I am living in a small garret in Paris, tripping down cobbled streets in my high heels to pick up a baguette from the boulangarie.

Yes, I know this mythical girl may not even exist, but that's not the point. The point is that whatever inspires me, inspires me. It may sound trite, but why not elevate my day-to-day life by dreaming? And I can strive to be a little bit more chic while doing all my necessary errands.

Whatever makes you happy, non?

In the photo above, of my first and hopefully not only trip to Paris almost ten years ago, I am channelling Sabine, my ideal French girl. Rather than look like a tourist, I wore a black skirt, charcoal merino knit top, faux-fur scarf and high heels. Of course I saved the obligatory Metro map and used tickets for my album.


  1. Well, I thought you were using a stock photo of a French girl! :0)

  2. You look marvelous in that photo! Mind if I join you on this month long journey? I woke up this morning thinking it was the 1st and I should take advantage of a new month instead of letting another slide by like so many of them do. I agree about dreaming, it's harmless and productive if it gets you in the right mindset.

  3. you really do look like a french woman there fiona. so pretty. i like your idea of 12 mini new years. this is the perfect time to slow down also. let's not get crazy over the holidays, shall we? i'm in.


  4. I thought it was a stock photo too! Simply beautiful. I will be joining you this month too as I do the Project M-31. I will need some sort of escape from the drudgery I will be creating for myself this month (just from going through all my books I know I am in for a painful but rewarding journey). Keeping my inner French girl in tact is just the ticket for mental and emotional survival. I think I will dream of my next trip to France and how simplifying my life will lead me there again.

  5. Fiona, you do look tres chic and tres French. I've always operated on a quarterly basis but the idea of 12 new starts is intriguing. And, as Janet says, this is the time of year to reflect on our actions and pace of life. I'll begin today with a nudge from my IFG.

  6. I completely agree about dreaming like you said! That album page looks great and I love that photo and the outfit.
    I have my own "chic girl" as well.. but she lives in London.. im waiting for the chance to go find her.
    Can I follow your 30 days of chic? hopefully some of it will rub off on me... =)

  7. Fiona,

    Gorgeous shot of you - can't beat that background either. Funny how that picture was taken 10 years ago, but your outfit is so classic that it looks current.

    I want to follow your 30 days of chic, too! Very excited about it in fact.


  8. Fiona,

    You do look positively French!
    There must be some French in your make it look ever so easy to be chic....a born natural!

    Slowing down and savouring sounds like a perfect tonic for the busy lives that we all lead.

  9. Love that photo! And I love the idea of focusing on 30 days of chic. I turn 40 at the beginning of next month, and I have set a goal of being the chic-est 40-year old I can be. Your blog will help!

  10. Patricia, thank you so much!

    Stephanie, we're kindred spirits. Jump on in.

    Janet, thank you too. I always want the end of the year to be a joyous time like when we were kids, but it mostly ends up quite... not that.

    Jeanne-Marie, even decluttering can be fun if you look at it that way. Hard work and challenging yes, but oh, think of Paris at the end.

    Cheri, merci. Quarterly is probably a more sensible idea, and I like the idea of working with the seasons. Some days just feel like a new start though, and 1 November is one of them.

    Lenna, thank you for your visit and comment. You and your London-chic girl are more than welcome to come for the ride. The more the merrier. We could all use a little serenity and chic in our lives at this time of the year.

    Adrienne, thanks! You're right about the outfit, I'd wear it today. Welcome home from Paris! Were you pleased to see your dogs?

    Thank you Hostess. I can feel the pressure of the holiday season already. I just need to take a deep breath and deal with it.

    Shannon, 'chic at 40' is a fabulous goal. Welcome along.

  11. you do look French in that pic! and just lovely ;)

  12. I agree with Patricia, at first I didn't look at the pic closely enough, just noted her style and thought it was an "inspirational photo" not one of yourself. You so chic!

    This month is huge for me, as I'm trying to cut off a certain amount of weight as well as really feel comfortable in who I am, in preparation for the holidays with family whom make me regress normally.

  13. You look absolutely lovely and chic!

  14. I'm in - great way to start the upcoming year!

  15. I'm in also! the outfit in your pic is so classic. I love it! You are so chic!

  16. Fiona, what an inspiration! My jaw dropped when looking at that pic at how chic that woman looked, not knowing it was you. WOW! I love how you had a different scarf over your black outfit, you know, not just another black scarf.
    I too want to join in this chic month. I soo need it as I'm traveling for my 'girl time' in India in Dec.!

  17. What a great idea!!!! I can't wait to read your updates this month.

  18. I love French self can be neighbors with your French self. I do the same thing! Regardless of where I am, I am a french girl at heart.

  19. Thank you for your lovely blog ~ it's beautiful and inspiring. What a fun treat to join you in this fun pursuit! As I just discovered your writings today, I'm late to the party, but know it will be worthwhile to the soul.
    Wishing you a delghtful afternoon ~
    Au revoir,

  20. I spent this summer in Paris. Thank god, everyone is wearing sneakers now. High heels when all you want to do is walk all day is just crazy.

  21. I too just found your blog TODAY! I have lived in France and been to Paris a just a "few" times...Sorry! I don't mean to brag. I'm an American and I live in Switzerland for now. Paris is still my favorite! It's romantic and absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for this blog and your work. I look forward to dipping in and tasting the plethora of chicness! Merci!

    1. Hi Renee! Welcome :) Please leave comments as you feel inspired too, as I'm sure you have lots to add having been such a frequent visitor to chic Paris!

  22. Every now and again I like to come back and revisit your 30 chic days. Sometimes (like now) when I'm feeling in a bit of a funk with the demands of work and end of year burnout, it helps me to elevate my headspace and get back to being me, well a better happier version of me. Thank you for sharing these little snippets of wisdom, in a world that feels so unchic at the moment, they are so welcome. xx


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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