Sunday, November 21, 2010

30 Chic Days – Day Twenty One

Day 21: Spend more time on your eye makeup

Being fair in colouring, I need more eye makeup than I think. Oftentimes I put on a bit of mascara and maybe some eyeliner (along with neutral eyeshadow) and think I look OK. Then I am at work in the loo and realise under the harsh lights that I look so naked and washed out. It's like I put nothing on at all.

Since I began making a concerted effort to put a bit more on around the eyes, I have been less shocked and disappointed at what's in the mirror. It's still not tons but I feel happier. I remember a boss about 10-12 years ago tell me I should 'wear eyemakeup'. At the time I was a bit miffed because I did!

It's taken me a while to follow the alcoholic old tart's advice. Better late than never though.

The great thing about wearing more eyemakeup is that I don't need as much of the other stuff. I only wear a dab of foundation which I put on areas which look awful first. When I run out of the tiny blob on my hand I don't allow myself any more.

This looks much better to me than a full coverage of foundation (which I have worn since I was about 14). A light dusting of loose powder, blush and a neutral pinky lip gloss is almost all I need.

The final bit of making up my eyes is brows. They are so important. Brows really frame your face. I watched an Oprah ages ago with Anastasia the brow queen from LA. Watching her work her magic I really wanted to visit her salon, alas I haven't been to LA lately and I bet she charges a fortune too.

I listened to her tips though and now do my own. I don't go to a professional brow plucker or waxer, I tidy my own every couple of days. It's just a matter of keeping them in a neat, natural shape and don't take too much off. Her claim to fame is the slight arch to the outside centre of the eye which supposedly makes you look wide-eyed and youthful.

I also use an eyebrow pencil which I sketch in lightly and then brush up the eyebrows. Finding the right colour is really important. You don't want to look like a freak. I find blonde ones can be a little orange for me, and grey ones (like at Bobbi Brown) are better. It must be because of the ash tones in my hair.

I don't have a favourite mascara brand but I prefer 'wet' lengthening mascaras over dry and flakey volumising ones. It's a matter of trial and error. And my best makeup tip is to have cotton buds handy for tidying up. A cotton bud and tiny bit of liquid foundation is perfect for erasing mascara where it shouldn't be. Finally dust under your eyes with a clean blusher brush to sweep away any fallen particles of eyeshadow or eyeliner.

Believe me you will feel tres French with your piled on mascara that flicks up at the sides.


  1. Clearly something I can improve on. I also wear eye makeup but don't look like I do. Adding eyeliner makes me looks 10 times better and I ignore it too much.

    Your reminders are great!

    Which mascara is your favorite? I'm currently using YSL Faux Cils and like it a lot.

  2. Fiona,
    I am fair too with really dark hair. If I don't play up my eyes, I look either super tired or like a ghost. I don't wear any make-up when I go to Zumba and there is a huge mirror we exercise in front of--I look like an eyeless dancing freak : ). I bought an Anastasia eyebrow kit a couple of years ago and I love it(sort of like this: She has a great product line.

    "It's taken me a while to follow the alcoholic old tart's advice..." ROFL!! Thanks for that.

    Have you ever tried tinted moisturizer instead of foundation? I use one by Jane Iredale (has SPF too) and I find it's a light coverage but all I need...looks very natural. xo

  3. hi fiona,

    checking in today to see what tip you have for me.

    well i only wear mascasra and lipstick. but i do believe in well groomed brows. they make the face i think. i always tell my clients if i could just do brows all day i'd be the happiest esthetician alive! i love brows.


  4. I am a big fan of groomed you say they frame the face.
    I put mascara on and need to perk up my eyes a bit more so I shall be taking your advice and lining mine...hope I don't look too freakish! I would much prefer Frenchish :)

  5. Stephanie, I don't really have a favourite yet. I used Dior for so long (Dior Show is good though) I'm still getting around everything else to find out what's new. I will try the YSL one if it's available here, merci!

    Vintage Dreamer, I do use tinted moisturiser on a day at home, but once when I wore it to work it looked like I had nothing on at all.

    Janet, I bet you'd do great brows too.

    Hostess, sometimes I don't wear any eyeliner, just amp up the mascara. I keep piling it on the top lashes (probably 2-3 coats) and stop before it gets clumpy, then a little bit on the bottom lashes. I do this after putting on a light neutral eyeshadow. When the mascara is dry, I dab around with a cotton bud and some foundation to tidy up any errant bits. I think it looks really fresh.

  6. Fiona what an absolutely marvelous series! I've been so busy with baby that I haven't stopped by but now I see I have some catching up to do! Love this post. The other day I did not have time to put on makeup at all. I just concealed the dark circles under my eyes, but when I looked in the mirror I looked SO washed out that I absolutely had to fill in my eyebrows (I use Mac eyeshadow in orb) ... so much better xx

  7. Jennifer, I'm sure you are still the most beautiful mother around Santa Monica. Thanks for the product recommendation too. I've never thought of using eyeshadow for the brows.

  8. Just spent the summer in Paris and women don’t wear much eyeliner there. In fact, they don’t wear much makeup at all. That photo looks like it’s from the sixties.


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