Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 Chic Days – Day Nine

Day 9: Go to bed early

It’s an often quoted fact that the later you go to bed, the fatter you are likely to be. It seems to be a couple of factors at play – staying up late makes you more tired the next day so you look for a high-energy fix to keep you going, and the body has biological functions that happen at night when you are resting. If you aren’t asleep at the time they happen, you miss out.

Does that sound right? I’m not a scientist (far from it), but I choose to believe them. It’s so easy to say up and noodle around doing nothing, and then go to bed late. And then read. And then turn the light off when it’s really late. And then wake up late. I think you see where I’m heading here.

So I’m reminding myself (and you, if you want) that to go to bed early is divine (and something else, you know the saying). It will keep you youthful and fresh-faced for longer. You will also not believe how good a mood you are in all the time.

I always wash my face just before I go to bed. It’s much more pleasurable to remove my makeup meticulously and apply all the nourishing goodness in a careful manner when it’s 9.15pm, rather than when I’m tired out at 10.30pm.



  1. Good advice that I wish I would've done through my late 20s and 30s. I spent many years not being able to sleep well or through the night completely. This only aggravated my health and made me feel tired all the time. Once certain stresses were eliminated, things got better. I don't apologize for sleeping 8-9 full hours now. I feel like I am making up for years of no sleep. I still have to make an effort to go to bed early (before 11:00) and my favorite bedtime is 10:00 (lights out). I hope everyone takes sleeping very seriously.

  2. I really need to heed this advice, I tend to run on no more than 3 hours of sleep! Which is insane, I know. I fight sleep something terrible (have since I was an infant), preferring to live as much as possible. But I know that it's going to help me lose those final 25 pounds if I simply go to bed! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. This is a great reminder for me - I do tend to go too bed far too late. Thanks!!

  4. You are a riot! I bumped into you while looking something up about L'Occitane in New York. I look forward to more chic enteries.

  5. Since returning from our trip, we have been going to sleep much earlier, and I like it. I am going to try to continue to turn in around 9:00 or 9:30. I find I'm much more rested the following morning.

    Are those your darling pillowcases? They are beautiful. And I hear satin pillowcases are good for staving off wrinkles.


    Can you post another picture of Atlas soon? Eating a burger perhaps (just kidding about the burger).

  6. Vintage Dreamer, 8-9 hours is my preferred amount also.

    Kalee, 3 hours! I know everyone is different but I don't know how you do that. You're in good company though, I often hear of really high-powered and famous people having only a few hours of sleep each night. I play relaxing music softly at night to help fall to sleep, and have my meditation book nearby if my mind won't switch off.

    Patricia, you're welcome! I need to take my own advice. After writing this post I did exactly what I described in it and didn't turn my light out until after 11. Tonight I will be heading off some time after 9.

    Anon, at first I thought you said you bumped into my in L'occitane in New York. I've got to read slower and take it in. Now I see what you're saying. I would so love to visit New York though. Le sigh.

    Adrienne, you're so wise about going to bed early, and you do feel 200% better the next day. The pillow cases are silk-satin, if you please, and from an extra-fancy shop. My sister bought them for me for my 40th last month. If I could bring myself to sleep on them they would smooth my face out nicely! They are beautiful though aren't they? I promise, an Atlas update very soon. He hasn't had a hamburger yet!

    (If anyone is interested, Adrienne gives her darling little dogs a hamburger on their birthday. Go and see at The Rich Life (on a budget)).

  7. Good advice-but I find this so hard. I am a night owl and get very productive after about 10-11 pm. I only average 5-6 hours of sleep a night and I know this is not enough in my high energy job. I need to get to sleep before my second wind kicks in!

  8. i feel like im reading your blog in real time! i just went to sleep early last night and am about to do so tonight too! two nights in a row =) this never happens.
    it took years but i feel like i just had a revelation the other day about the glorious-ness of getting to sleep early.

  9. Trish, if it works for you, stick with it. There's not a single person in the world that is the same as another (except maybe identical twins). What works for me may not work for you. Vive la difference!

    Lenna, you are a hoot. Please would you let me know what tomorrow's post will be? Then we'll both know. I'm posting about going to bed early, when I'm staying up too late. I'm going right now.

  10. I took your advice and actually went to bed at 8PM the other night. For the first time in, dare I say years?, I awoke refreshed and ready for the day! With a family this is not easy to do, but I am definitely making a point to do this at least once a month. Maybe I'll get to the point of once a week? Bliss!

  11. Well done Beth! It's amazing how long the night seems. I'll wake up briefly and think it's the early hours when in fact it's only 11.30pm! It's nice to have all the sleep time still stretching out in front of you. Soon your family will get used to you heading off to your boudoir early every so often.

  12. I have the gift of being able to sleep. Many of my friends complain of sleepless nights and of having trouble going to sleep. In retirement, I often go to bed around 10 and sleep until after 8 am. I feel blessed to be able to rest. I have been reading that sleep helps you lose weight and live a longer life. I hope that both of those are true.
    I don't do mornings anymore. I love to sleep late and spend the morning reading my email and my favorite blogs! I love your 30 Chic Days. I have been trying to see if I can incorporate them into my days.

  13. Dot, your mornings sound blissful! And it is indeed a 'gift' to be able to sleep. I am so thankful when I wake up from a good night's sleep.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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