Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 Chic Days - Day Twenty Four

Day 24: Be grateful, be compassionate, be interested in the world around you

I was planning to include an item on gratitude in 30 Chic Days, as I think being grateful for all we have is a very chic way to live.

Today there was a tragedy in New Zealand. 29 men died in a coal mine explosion on the West Coast of the South Island. Talking about chic things pales in comparison to such an awful event. I have been thinking about their families a lot.

I am grateful every day for having a home to live in, a loving husband, wonderful family and friends and a job that pays the bills, but today I am grateful to still be on this earth.

May these men rest in eternal peace.


  1. Fiona, I was so sorry to read of your national tragedy. My heart goes out to the families and friends of those men.

  2. dear fiona,

    i'm grateful that you brought this to my attention. i rarely read the news anymore. i try to be grateful for all i have everyday but news such as this really does bring it home. thank you.


  3. A moment of silence. A moment of thanks.


  4. dear fiona,
    thank you so so much for this post! and appropriately timed for thanksgiving.
    i love my friends and my family adn getting together with them is one of the best part of the holiday season.

    **moment of silence**


  5. A lovely post. I have been preoccupied with this event too. I still hope some will be found alive, in some corner of the mine.

  6. An excellent reminder. I saw this on the news today and it is so sad.

  7. Fiona,

    I have been following this story, too. I was hoping for a similar outcome as the Chilean miners, but it seems it's not to be. So tragic.

    I will remember to be more appreciative and grateful. We are celebrating Thanksgiving this week in the states and your post helped me remember that it's not just a day to eat, drink, watch football, etc.. It's a day to count my blessings and let those I love know it.


  8. Prayers for those victims of the mining disaster. Years ago on Christmas Eve the Exxon refinery in my hometown,
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana suffered an explosion. My husband was an employee but was not there at the time. He was in management, so was called to the site.

    I will never forget waiting at home with the holiday meal waiting and expectant children waiting for their daddy to return. One person was killed and to this day I still think of the Exxon Explosion when the holiday season comes around.

    God Bless your fellow countrymen!

  9. Just before I clicked on your blog I had read the sad outcome for these men/women. It is so hard to read of such tragedies but it is nothing compared to living through them. May all their families find the courage and strength they need as they grieve their loved ones.

    Being grateful, compassionate and aware of others are fine, very chic attributes to possess.

  10. Fiona,I have been watching the news and was so sorry to wake this morning and hear the awful news - thoughts and prayers are with the families.

  11. Good do get your priorities straightened during tragedies. Thanks for bringing this to attention. I'm sorry about this horrible news.

  12. Fiona, I hadn't heard about this. My prayers go out to those men and their families. I am so grateful to have mine all safe and sound today.

  13. A terrible thing to happen to these men and their families, I feel for them.

  14. Fiona, in this time of crazy busyness, thank you for making me halt in my tracks and realize what is important. May God bless the families of these people.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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