Saturday, November 20, 2010

30 Chic Days – Day Twenty

Day 20: Write a list

Part of living your own life is deciding what you want in it. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself just floating along taking whatever turn is offered to me, not actually making decisions for myself, either little ones or big ones.

I am a big fan of going with the flow, but I also think you need to direct the flow.

By writing a list, not only are you putting ‘it’ out there (into the Universe, for magical things to happen), but you are reminding yourself what is really important (these are the same things actually, I have realised).

And the great thing about your Perfect Life list, is that you can add (and subtract) as time goes by, thus tweaking your desires to reflect the changing you.

I know all this doesn’t sound terribly French, but I am reminded of the French Chic yahoo group’s welcome message. It includes the motto ‘A French woman consciously designs her life, and makes daily choices to carry out that design.’

I named my list ‘C’est Moi’ and started it on the computer, but then printed it out and carried on adding to it in pen. It has sections for different areas such as looks, manner, home, dining, personal style, personal grooming, travel, finances, creative life and inspiration, relaxing, going out, health, important people and beauty tips.

Under the headings I listed things I like about myself and ways I would like to be. For example, my ‘home’ heading has under it:

Uncluttered and organised
Tidies up often
House – breezy, calming, relaxing, bookshelves
Boudoir – spare, calm, sensual
Inspired by others homes
View of the ocean
Leafy back yard
Courtyard off bedroom
Home traditions
Relaxes / eats in courtyard under pergola, trees and ivy around – cool and serene
Small dressing room/walk in wardrobe in boudoir
Home is like a boutique hotel suite
Simple, luxurious

Some of these things I already do in the home sector, such as candles, bookshelves, home traditions, and a tidy, spare bedroom. Others I would love to have, like a courtyard off the main bedroom (french doors, old brick cobbling, zinc table and two chairs surrounded by private trees/bush) and a small dressing room.

It is quite a fun exercise to compile these lists (if you are a list-maker like I am), and reading them later on is even more enjoyable.


  1. Bonnes idees, Fiona. Lists are great ways not to get "lost in the details". I must of married someone with an inner French boy/man because he is quite the list maker. But I would rather list goals and ideas than what to get for groceries.

  2. Great idea as I am currently floating just as you mention: Thanksgiving, church, work, shopping, etc. etc. So I shall grab some coffee, my nice journal book, and make a list. And you will be at the very top.

  3. This is so important. Floating around leaves you at the whim of circumstance and others. I like your list on paper!

  4. Can you link us to the French group at Yahoo?
    I am interested in what that might be about.

    this list idea is new to me...a life plan perhaps :)

  5. Your 30 chic days inspired me to make a list, too. My main thing is I want to be more aware instead of being on auto-pilot all the time. And, I remember reading somewhere that mindless activity leads to more mindless behavior...such as mindless eating. Plus, it's a really good feeling to feel awake. :)

    Can't wait for more of these postings...I'm sad that the 30 days are more than halfway through. ;(

  6. Fiona, I haven't been able to read blogs like I usually do but today I made myself slow down and read your posts as your blog is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing photos of and entries in your notebook. I'd love to see the whole book! Also, your "30 Chic Days" is so inspirational I should use them as the beginning of my own notebook.

  7. this post made my day! and its only 12 45 pm over here =)
    im glad there is another that fully appreciates the art of list-making.
    it is quite fantastic- especially when carried out on post-its!

  8. This is a most inspiring post! Thanks for sharing your personal categories of lists...It's always interesting for me to compare and amend my own "system". I SO agree that it keeps one from "floating".

  9. Fiona, you have a very serene blog. Have really been enjoying this line of posts. Writing things down is so helpful. We might think we won't forget, but it's too easy for our goals or intentions to drop off our radars.

  10. Fiona,
    Have I told you lately how much I love your blog! Your 30 chic days have been so inspiring! Like Ani, I'm sad that we're already through 20 of them. This series has just been fabulous and I look forward to your new idea each day. Merci mille fois for so many great suggestions!!!

  11. Vintage Dreamer, you're either a list maker or you're not. My husband isn't. But I write down enough for the both of us. I get it from my mum, she does lists too.

    Beth, you've listed some great categories right there. It helps to think of an idealised version of yourself. Why not aspire to greatness.

    Stephanie, I knew you'd understand.

    Hostess, you would LOVE the French Chic group I'm sure. Everything I am today I think I owe to that group, and Anne Barone - my two biggest influences. Here is the link:

    Thank you Ani, would love to read your list(s) if ever you wish to share them. I know what you mean about auto-pilot.

    Cherie, I think it's healthy to step away from the internet sometimes, I plan to do this over Christmas. I see you have been having some exciting times at your place with your new kids. Baby goats and goats in general are so adorable (there are scary ones though!)

    Lenna, post-its would stress me out! I need my list on one piece of paper.

    Thanks Rebecca, would love to read some of yours on your blog. I'm very nosy.

    Fixing My Thoughts, thank you for a wonderful compliment - serene! I'm thrilled.

    Merci Charlene, I thought people would be bored by day 20! Glad you have enjoyed them.

  12. this post in particular prompts me to take action! you're on to something with your "30 Days" discipline, and this Day Twenty List-Making and visualization exercise is both fun and effective in moving the list-maker forward!
    thank you for sharing such excellent ideas!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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