Friday, November 12, 2010

30 Chic Days – Day Twelve

Day 12: Paint your toenails

French women are renowned for knowing better than most that to make the most of one’s femininity will enrich their relationships with the opposite sex. It is said that men love women to do the things that are the opposite of what they do, in appearance, manner, dress etc. Painting your toenails is just one way to enjoy the results of a feminine beauty ritual every day.

Naturally, coloured toenails are a must for a chic summer look, but don't stop when it comes to winter. I prefer brights or darks (nudes and pales can make my feet look a little... cadaver-like) and I always feel more chic and polished when my toes are.

For some reason toes keep their colour much longer than fingernails. A new pedicure can last me quite a few weeks, whereas working in the shoe shop I don't even get one day out of fingernail polish. For that reason I keep my fingernails mid-length and bare. I'd like to say I buff them all the time (more like once in a blue moon) but the reality is it's enough that I push back my cuticles when I put on handcream.

So I get my colour fix on my feet. Because yoga classes are taken barefoot I'm glad I make the effort. Just a touch of polish makes the female foot look so much prettier and more feminine.

And it doesn't matter that you don't wear open toed shoes in the winter. You will enjoy seeing the fruits of your labour when taking off socks or moisturising your legs after a shower.

Your significant other will probably like it too. When I was a single girl in my early thirties, I lived with my sister and two other housemates. A male friend who sometimes called around to see everyone, said to me once 'I saw that you had a face mask on the other night when you walked from the bathroom to your bedroom. I really liked seeing that you take care of yourself'.

And this guy was one of the most intimidating and slightly rough (on the outside anyway) men in our group of friends! It showed me you can never pick what a male will notice and appreciate.


  1. Cute! And agreed. I love a good pedicure. In a recent post that I did (when I cleaned out my bathroom), I mentioned that I want to find non-toxic nail polish. The last time I took the polish of my toes (about 2 months ago), the nails did not look healthy at all (big splotchy white markings--any idea?). They are just now starting to look normal again. I think I will start searching for an alternative today.

  2. Hello, Fiona!

    I am relatively new to your blog, yet when read your posts, it feels like a good friend offering good advice. Thanks so much for sharing your 30 Chic Days - really enjoying the series and taking it to heart.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. hi fiona,

    ahaha. you are so cute. i love the observation by the burly guy. since i work in the beauty world i would agree that men are womens biggest motivators when it comes to beauty. excellent point made here.


  4. Love this post. This is my favorite thing to do. I am off to get a pedicure now! :) Have a good weekend!

  5. Vintage Dreamer, I read that on your blog. Every so often it is good to give your nails a break as they can yellow a little. I haven't heard of white splotches though.

    Momerati, thanks for your comment and glad you are enjoying the series. 'Like a good friend offering advice' is such a great compliment. Merci!

    Janet, I'm sure you see the extremes too.

    Thanks Robin!

  6. well manicured nails always make me feel at peace :) ive just recently discovered the joys of polish.
    i had another day of sleeping in today. this morning i think i will take your advice and pedicure it up! now if only my indecisive self can choose a color. =)

  7. I've heard that it's ok to wear nail polish...but if you do it all the time, to make sure you check your nails every time you take the polish off for changes in color or streaks so that you're not masking any health problems.

    I love the story about your friend, Fiona. That reminded me of when my college roommates and I all had Biore strips on our noses...our neighbor walked in...and we kind of freaked out...but he thought it was cool and wanted to see what the strip looked like after we ripped it off! Strange boy. And, as far as I recall, none of us let him see. ;)

  8. I'm doing a home pedicure tomorrow as I'll have time. I'm going with a moody grey violet color.

  9. I am with you! In the cold months, it is so exhilarating to remove the boots to be greeted by a bright red pedicure! Even if no one else can see it, I know it's there, and I love it!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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