Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Chic Days – Day Two

Day Two: Put hand cream on

Many times a day. Every waking hour of every day if possible. Find one that is not too greasy and that sinks in quickly so you won't mind using it. As well, get a really thick and creamy one for night time and apply before bed, working into your knuckles, wrists and cuticles.

Wear gloves for washing the dishes, scrubbing the floor and when gardening. Yes I know I’m being bossy but it’s really important. Your hands will thank you. My ideal French girl Sabine would never have rough and chapped hands. Her hands would be silky and soft, and used expressively in conversation.

A skin-care professional once told me to use up the bit of left-over facial moisturiser (from doing your face) by putting on the backs of your hands. Apparently someone he knew did this but only on one hand to show the difference it made. He said the comparison was astounding, but I don’t know why you’d want one wrinkly, age-spotted hand and one smooth and lovely. Just do both OK?

I have handcream everywhere. On the desk at work, a little tube in my handbag, in the car (only for when I’m a passenger though, do you think I have a death-wish?), by my tv chair, in the bedside drawer and probably ten other places. They are all different too – I like a bit of variety.

I read ages ago that Joan Collins applies a little foundation to the backs of her hands when she goes out. I think that’s very cool. She’s one well-groomed lady.

Pictured above is one of my many hand creams. This is a particularly rich one that takes a good ten minutes to sink in, so it's one that I use when I have time, rather than an 'on the go' one. It smells rather divine too.

I am lucky enough to have a L'Occitane shop in the city where I live. I asked a staff member when I was in there one day if they sold the gadget that crimped the end of the metal tube so you didn't waste any (I'm geeky like that). They didn't, but said anytime I want to bring my tube in they'll crimp it for me. How nice are the staff at L'Occitane? Of course I took my tube in the very next week.


  1. yes, and if you have any cream product that doesn't suit your face i say smear it on your decolette, legs, hands. so many products get wasted when they can be used on other body parts!

    i bet you have the softest hands ever.


  2. I need to remember to do this...much easier when you have tubes in more than one location!
    I have one at home and one at work...clearly I need more!

  3. Fiona,

    Thank you for the reminder. I am very bad about putting lotion on my hands, although I do tend to my face, legs, and arms daily.
    I wash my hands quite often throughout the day and I think I've just gotten lazy about applying lotion afterwards.
    I'm going to locate my hand lotion right now and set it next to my sink.


  4. Must get one of these crimpers for my l'occitane hand cream. I keep all those moisturizer samples for the face and keep them at work and at home to use on my hands, as well as all the tubes of hand cream I have. I'm a hand cream junkie. I even keep cuticle oil at work and will discreetly brush it on, massage it in and wipe off the excess with a tissue, then apply hand cream. It's like a mini manicure right there at my desk.

  5. I'm adding l'occitane to my list of things to buy! just in time for the colder season too =)

    my moisturizing agent of choice that I never leave the house with is my chapstick! dry hands on top of chapped lips? ew. no thank you!

    day 2 and already getting chic-er :)

    ~ lenna jennie

  6. i'm loving the 30 chic days posts...you inspired me to come up w/ my own list, in addition to following yours. hand lotion is a big one for me, too. i always have the gross dry, peeling skin surrounding my nails. ;(

  7. I have been using 100% Almond Oil (from health food store) right after I towel dry, so my skin is still a little damp, all over my body. When I am done, I massage it around my nails and cuticles too. I think this has been helping the overall moisture and smoothness of my skin. (I love the reminder about wearing gloves when our hands are in the water--so important!)

  8. Janet, I agree. Nothing gets thrown out at my house.

    Hostess, the more the better. They are a constant visual reminder, and choosing pretty tubes means you want to leave them out too.

    Adrienne, good girl!

    Stephanie, if they sold the crimper I would be so happy. I love your rebellion at work. I have a nail oil which I guess is the same as cuticle oil which I massage into the whole nail bed (I don't wear nail polish as it doesn't last one day at the shoe shop).

    Lenna, next to the handcream is always a lip balm! I'm constantly putting that on too if I'm at home. At work I'm wearing lip gloss.

    Ani, I would love to see your list some time but sadly I don't have access to your blog. Do you have mini nail clippers to trim hangnails? Dry skin around the nails is horrible. Just keep piling on that hand cream.

    HS, almond oil is meant to be great for your skin. It sounds quite francais to be using something natural too I think. I bet you have lovely skin.

  9. Oh, this is fun. I will enjoy the fruits of these next 30 days.

  10. You can get one of those tube crimpers at a paint or arts/craft store... Painters use them to get every last drop of paint from their tubes...never thought of using mine for my lotion but thats brilliant I think!

  11. Thanks Sara, I never thought to look there. I don't like to waste a drop so I'm sure I'd get plenty of value from a tube crimper :)

  12. I would like to mention the other secret to soft, youthful skin...hydration. A few years back, at a reunion, my family asked me my secret to young looking, wrinkle free skin. The only thing I could figure out was that I drank lots of water...well I have good genes, too. But I have truly noticed that if I don't drink lots of water every day, that over time my skin gets dry and leathery...no matter how much lotion I apply. Now, in my late 50's, remembering to drink lots of water means that even though I use moisturizers and creams for my body, they stretch further because I'm drinking more water. Not only a plus for my skin and my ego (when people think I'm younger than I am), but also for my pocketbook when my skin care products last longer. By the way, I've only just discovered your blog, and it is the only one I actually read on a regular basis. I'm slowly going through the 30 Chic Days series, and I also ordered your book. Thank you for this place to come for encouragement in my choice of lifestyle as well as for new ideas to incorporate!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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