Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Chic Days – Day Four

Day Four: Wear a Beret

On a morning when it’s rainy, windy and cold, I pull on my beret. I have two traditional felted wool ones – in black and camel. I wear the camel one more often as it’s softer on my colouring.

Not only does it keep my hair tidy and frizz-free, it keeps me warm, and it lets me add a bit of Parisian style to my outfit. Sabine, my ideal French girl is thrilled she’s been let out for the day.

A woollen beret is less expensive than you’d think too.

Don’t worry if you think you’ll look like a French caricature. Loads of (really normal) people wear them. I even saw an old man walk past in one recently. He may have been French though.

That’s your homework for today. Go out and find yourself a beret for the winter. You will be amazed at the French jaunt it adds to your step.

Edited: I changed the image to one of me on holiday in Queenstown a few years ago. That perfect fake looking background is actually real. Gosh Queenstown is a beautiful place. My beret is pulled waaaay down, to keep my ears warm. You can see the snow on the mountains, right?


  1. Fiona,

    Please please please send us a photo of you in a beret...
    I have a winter white one...and attach a small vintage pin to it...but am dreadfully challenged when ti comes to putting it all together!

  2. I adore beret, hats and headdress.
    Beret adds a touch of French elegance which I love. The eberet pictured here is so pretty. It's proving difficult to find the ideal beret for my head, though;-)

  3. I am really not a hat person - wrong-shaped head I think - but recently I was visiting a friend in Germany and she has a whole stack of berets on a small table at her front door, in every colour imaginable. I guess it's her thing!

  4. I'm like Patricia. Hats do not suit me. And I am also with HHB in that I'd like to see a photo of you in a chic beret!

    Loving your "30 Chic Days", by the way.

  5. i love a beret! but sometimes i have to bobby pin it to my head so it doesn't slip off!
    recently i've been rocking the beanie. =)
    classy sabine


  6. Hostess, photo done! Your winter white beret sounds lovely, and I'm sure you've done it just perfectly. A vintage pin sounds like a nice touch.

    Fashion, Art, you are the poster child for beautiful headwear. I worship at your altar.

    Patricia, a stack of different colours sounds like fun. I don't really wear hats either, but can do berets. Are you sure you can't wear one?

    Thanks Adrienne! And for you too, why no berets?

    Lenna, a pin is a good idea. My head is rather large though, so the beret is jammed on good and tight. I love beanies too. I knitted some a few years back. They're a more casual look.

  7. Love it! I wore berets all the time as a kid, but haven't gotten into them as an adult.

    Also, I'm loving this series!

  8. I looked straight past the beret and drifted back to wonderful memories of my time spent in Queenstown last November! I miss New Zealand!

  9. Phyllis, you'll have to remedy that!

    Itztru, glad to be of assistance!

  10. Thank you for posting this have got a perfect face for a beret. Fantastic pic, Fiona, of you and the background.

  11. You're such a honey Adrienne. Thank you. Yes, the background's not bad is it? Queenstown is the most expensive place to buy in New Zealand, is it any wonder.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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