Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 Chic Days – Day Ten

Day 10: Go for a walk

Honestly. Just head down your driveway and go for a walk. You don’t have to put on exercise shoes, but I don’t think you should wear high heels either. Perhaps something in between? Wear your normal clothes and take a walk, either from work, or from home. Even if it’s just ten minutes around the block.

You will get some vitamin D from the sun, a bit of fresh air (don’t worry too much about vehicle pollution unless you are walking along a motorway) and move the blood around your body.

You will connect with your neighbourhood and have time to think. If you can combine an errand with a walk, so much the better. I never feel more French than when I walk to the post office or bank, or to pick up a library book.

Now that I have rescued poodle Atlas, I look for excuses to take short walks. Everyone needs to see how handsome he is! We’ve had more takeaway coffee this week than any other week in history I think.

So grab your sunglasses, put on a bit of lipstick and take a stroll, just like your ideal French girl would. Mine, Sabine, has been around a lot lately!

And even though you are unlikely to be strolling the streets of Paris, just imagine you are. It's almost as good.


  1. I really have to imagine well (like off the charts imagine) that I am strolling the streets of Paris in my town. Yet, I do pretend I am in France. And as you suggest, I put on some lipgloss, my sunglasses and walk. I can do nearly all of my errands by walking and I love it. I think the only thing missing is the cute little dog. I recently read that if anything you have to do is within a 2 mile radius of your home, try walking as an alternative to getting the car out. I'm trying to do this.

  2. Sabine is a very wise and chic gal, I feel that she is mentoring me here in my neck of the woods.

    Today I am walking the streets...and I'll be thinking of Paris!

  3. Funny. I just did this yesterday. I live on a 1/2 mile dead-end flat street. I wore the dreaded ugly workout clothes, grabbed a couple 3 pound weights and off I went. I did it twice - so 2 miles.

    I'm thinking of quitting my gym membership because I can no longer bear to get on a treadmill when it's so much more exhilarating to be outside. And it's free!

  4. hi fiona,

    while i never pretend i'm strolling the streets of paris i always wear my red lipstick even for my morning workout walk. i walk extremely fast and want to look good doing it no matter the hour. so good point here.


  5. Vintage Dreamer and Hostess, that's the spirit!

    Adrienne, I quit my gym membership too. Whenever I was inside I was thinking about going for a refreshing blow-the-cobwebs-out walk. I agree, it feels so free, and it is free!

    Janet, I'd expect nothing less of you. Why would you need to pretend you're in Paris when you have Hollywood?

  6. Fiona-
    would you believe me if i told you that my guess for today's post was going to be go for a walk?
    haha im kidding i didn't know that but it was fun reading your blog in real time! ;p (i walk to classes everyday so i guess i can count that?)
    in between high heels and exercise sneakers would be... flats? i love those! =]


    ps i want to meet Atlas! I think my dog in london would be named Aspen. i have no idea why...

  7. i'm loving these posts! i love your take on the little french things to do. and i do need to walk was so nice when i was at was an ideal environment for walking...need to figure something else out now...or just pretend i'm in paris! ;) thanks again for the tips!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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