Wednesday, November 17, 2010

30 Chic Days – Day Seventeen

Day 17: Start a personal style journal

One of my 'books' I enjoy reading the most is my style journal. It has been grown over the years with torn out pages and advertisements from magazines, printed out blog posts and website articles, handwritten quotes, photocopied book passages and more.

The image above is an example of a snippet.

Interestingly, there are very few pictures of clothing in my style journal, and if there are they are quite classical. It's always been words and feelings that get my mind and inspiration going rather than pictures. I think that's why I don't get fashion magazines often, but string some evocative words together and I'm in heaven.

I don't read my style journal every day, but save it for every so often. That way it doesn't get stale. I throw away pages sometimes and add in new ones too.

Another reason why I don't have tons of pictures in my style journal is that I consider personal style more than just what you wear. I love reading articles or interviews of famous (and chic) people in which they detail the way the live.

What they do with their time, what they read, little things like perfume worn and their views on varying topics to name a few. Personal style to me is the whole package, and by creating my own style journal over time, it gives me a reflection back of what's important in my life.


  1. what kind of notebook you use for your style journal?i have lots of articles and photos torn frpm magazines but i cant decide where to glue hem.

  2. Joining the French Chic Yahoo group many years ago, after first reading "Entre Nous" and needing more information on the "je ne sais quoi" way of thinking/dressing/living, encouraged me to start a style journal too. I have a few magazine tear outs but like you I don't buy fashion magazines often and prefer articles and posts. Also in my style journal are notes from a series of classes I took from a image consultant--I had my colors done, my style evaluated, learned how to use accessories, was a lot of fun! (Anon-I used a three ring binder and use a three hole punch to add things. And you can by pocket files and such to add to it too)

  3. I am so grateful you encouraged me to create a journal like this. I read it all the time now. I cancelled all of my magazine subscriptions and have drifted away from photos of clothes to writing as well. I get so much more out of it.

  4. Well said! ("Personal style is the whole package".) I have found my "style" blog serves in a similar way to your style journal...

    What a great idea!

  5. hi fiona,

    what a lovely idea. i have always kept a decorating journal so that i didn't have to keep the whole magazine, i could just keep the page or two that spoke to me. i think of my blog as a style journal. i've never thought of it that way until just this moment. thanks again for all your little insights. and i thought of you yesterday while i had a full on spa day (at home) of course.


  6. Wow! Another great idea. I love this segment you're doing. Thanks!

  7. Efi, forgot to mention I use a file book with clear pockets. You could use a ring binder with the pockets too. I don't like to glue things as I move the pages around and and get rid of pages which are no longer me. It will be a fun afternoon to put all your pages into a book. Don't stop to read them though, or you'll be there all night. It will be your treat to read them when everything is filed. You will be surprised at how cohesive all the information is, since it was all chosen by you.

    Vintage Dreamer, I had my colours done in the 90s and still get inspiration from my colour swatch. And I've jotted down Trinny and Susannah suggestions for my body type.

    Stephanie, peas in a pod.

    Rebecca, I love your thoughts on your style blog. It's like you are musing to yourself but we get to listen.

    Janet, hope you had a lovely and relaxing spa day.

    Kamani, merci!

  8. Love this idea...I have a beautiful old scrapbook with yellowed pages where I would glue pictures from magazines of my dream rooms, gardens, etc. Time to get it back out and get to it again. Thank you for the nudge...

  9. this is sweet =) ive never been very good with the crafty stuff but i would definitely give this a try!

    and eloquence.. (i agree) a MUST.
    put a pretty string of words together for me and ill be yours. <3

  10. Fiona, I have kept style journals for years and they inspire me so much. Sometimes I bring one with me to work to glance at during the day privately. So soothing. I like them far more than today's magazines. Would love to see more pics of your journal. I'ld be willing to bet, yours is similar to mine just from the picture you posted (I have the same one!)

  11. Beth, I wish you many hours of fun daydreaming.

    Lenna, perhaps your personal style journal will be full or words and no pictures too.

    Emily, I've taken them to work also! Not for a while now, but I used to slip one in my tote bag and read with a cup of tea in my lunch break. No-one ever saw it though, it's a private journal. How funny that we have the same piece. That one I took a photo of because it was a library magazine. So I have some things on my computer but most in the clearfile.

  12. Loving your blog, which I just discovered. An idea I've been trying is to take note when I'm reading a good book of anything that sounds intriguing, for example in The Edge of Summer by Jessica Brockmole, the first perfume made by Coty- La Rose Jacqueminot- was mentioned several times. I searched it out, and ordered a 1 ml. sample of it to make the book more real. Only ten dollars to bring the WW1 character to life for me! Thanks again for your beautiful blog. Barb in Oregon

  13. Hi Barb, welcome to my blog :) I love your perfume sample idea! I'm such a perfume (and reading) fan that doing something like you've done really appeals.

    My husband did something similar when he saw a boutique beer mentioned in an overseas food/beer tasting programme. He saw it in a local store and bought himself a bottle (it was fancy stuff that they sell singly). It was expensive for beer, but relatively inexpensive for a fun and special experience that linked him in with one of his favourite tv programmes.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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