Saturday, November 13, 2010

30 Chic Days – Day Thirteen

Day 13: Have a spa day (or a spa one-hour)

I’m not a big bath taker, but if you are, start with a bath. I start with a nice long shower in which I exfoliate with scratchy gloves or a body brush, shave my legs and under my arms, wash and condition my hair. Before the shower even I exfoliate my face and put a mask on. This then gets washed off in the shower.

Afterwards I moisturise my body thoroughly. Sometimes rather than use my everyday body lotion I will use a thick body butter or cream, or an extra fancy fragranced body product. On a spa day I let my hair dry by itself and apply very light makeup.

Post-spa activities might include:

Drinking tea
Light pottering
Taking a leisurely walk
Reading through inspirational material printed from websites and torn from magazines
Watching a favourite movie
Tidying and organising
An after lunch nap
Baking muffins
Playing Edith Piaf
Prepping for a cosy dinner

Shannon from The Simply Luxurious Life published this lovely post recently, about making your home a sanctuary. There are lots of ideas in this post which I have noted down, and would do well to be included in just such a day.


  1. I'm not a bath person either but I have a great tub for taking one in. Loved you suggestions and thanks for the link.

  2. dear fiona,

    what wonderful suggestions and i do most of them daily! shaving daily is the best exfoliater there is. but i have such dry skin that i have to dry brush my skin before my bath and then smother myself in lotion afterwards. a mask is weekly though b/c my skin is sensitive. i'm loving this little series you are doing to remind myself to always take good care of me.


  3. I love a spa day...nd the richer the creams the better!
    My skin seems to drink it in like it was thirsty.

    Janet and I boh agree that your series of posts are inspiring us to be mindful of our daily routines.


  4. Vintage Dreamer, a bath is a real production for me. I have to really, really want one. Then about once a year I will run one, get a book, a glass of wine, a candle and a rolled up towel for a pillow and wallow away. No grooming is done. Just slothing. I've found that I need one of those bridge table things across the top for my wine glass and book. It's a long reach down to the floor.

    Janet, I really didn't think there would be anything for you to take away - you always seem so together, serene and perfectly presented in that stylish and beautiful house of yours!

    Hostess, merci!

  5. Just beeing alone and having the house to myself when kids are at school and husband at work and I have a day off feels like a spa day for me. Watching a movie I like, knit a sweater, visit a bookstore and have time to look around. This morning everyone was out and I did my nails by 8.30 in the morning already, hairmask and shower, and the rest of the day I have been mostly reading. I have a demanding job 32 hours a week, so I really sometimes need this "Spa time". Great ideas here at 30 chic days, thank you Inky

  6. Thank you so much for the mention! I had no idea. I was putting together my Cups of Tea for Sunday (nov. 14th) and began to scroll through all of your tips and . . . well, thank you very much. :)

  7. Inky, your day sounds delightful. That's just the sorts of things I like to spend my day off on too.

    Simply Luxurious, you're welcome. I loved that post.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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