Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Chic Days – Day Seven

Day 7: Have a day of rest

Give yourself a break. Like those of you with high standards (both of ourselves and others) I find that I get so wound up with not having done everything perfectly (and sometimes just having just ‘done’ everything. I am so behind with my work at the moment) and stressed out. This is not good for tranquillity or a wrinkle-free face.

I have to tell myself relax - nothing is life or death. Write a list out and see what’s important. Do those first. And relax again. Slow down.

I heard this quote on the radio last week. It imagine it would probably be true.

‘A shift in consciousness results in a shift in biology’. – Deepak Chopra

By worrying, I am not doing my body or mind any favours. It could actually be making me unwell and older. Most of the time you don’t have to do ‘everything’, just the important things will suffice.

If you look at yourself from the outside in, viewing yourself as you would another person, would you respect the frazzled, martyr-ish stress freak, or the relaxed and calm person who glides about their day, ticking things off their list.

Not all days are like that, but with a change in mindset, I'm sure most of them can be. I'm starting today.


  1. hi fiona,

    you are so right about this. also, deepak's quote is something we are taught at aveda. engaging the parasympathetic nervous system has amazing results on our minds and bodies and translates to beautiful skin.

    i for one plan to go about this next round of holidays with a different attitude than in years past. i am going to focus much more on the quiet rather than the hectic even if that means major changes to our traditions. wish me luck.


  2. This is a fantastic series and I absolutely agree with you. Taking a break is so necessary for the soul, the mind and the body. Thank you for the reminder. I look forward to the next three weeks.:)

  3. Deepak is a wise man...
    this could be my new mantra!

    I'm also with Janet here on enjoying the holidays with a more relaxed attitude.

    Yoga helps me...remember to breathe deeply and relax.

  4. Janet, I do wish you luck, and I may even borrow your idea. It sounds lovely and peaceful.

    Simply Luxurious, thank you. I need constant reminders. That's why I write this blog.

    Hostess, that's one of the reasons I love yoga, among many.

  5. i completely agree 100%.
    i really feel that life does not give me a break sometimes! and just when i think its going to slow down.. it doesn't. but i am a list maker too so that helps :)

    some quotes that i found as well: "every now and then it's okay to do nothing. just relax and enjoy life for it will help you be more productive tomorrow."
    " thrive on stress. sift through the chaos to find your own peaceful place in it all"
    "days may be hectic and crazy right now, but at least i'm still getting time at the end of them to think about how crazy they are"
    - story of my life


  6. Lenna, I know what you mean. Just when you think 'I've had a busy patch, time for a rest' and then something else comes up.

    Thank you for the quotes, I love them all, but particularly the first one. It feels so luxurious to have a day off work when I've lots of chores planned, only to shelve 90% of them and have a day of relaxing instead. Blissful.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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