Saturday, December 4, 2010

Atlas J. Poodle - The Update

It’s been a month now since I had a serendipitous conversation with a customer and ended up adopting a 12 year old toy poodle named Atlas. Now, I cannot remember how life was before the little fellow came to live with us.

I have learnt that some dogs watch tv (below). He also likes to check himself out in the mirror in the shop, often.

He really is such a sweet little dog, and has adapted amazingly well to his new life. Atlas thinks nothing of hopping into the car (with a little assistance) and going to work, harnessed in with his doggy seatbelt (safety first).

He is perfect in the shop too. You won’t hear a peep out of him, no barking or whining. He has his five-metre long leash which gives him almost free run, but stops him running outside and into the carpark. Customers love him too, one said he ‘gives flavour to the place’ when I suggested that it was unusual to find a dog in a shoeshop.

Below he is showing how he can stand up to see over the box barricade I constructed, before the leash purchase.

Now he has his long leash he is ready to greet customers almost at the front door.

This is Atlas working from home, when I was updating our shop website one day. He was quite relaxed about it.

And here is he relaxing on his glamorous flock dog bed, elevated on an arm chair so he can feel part of the family.

On a sunny weekend afternoon Atlas likes nothing better than to take a walk through a leafy and green park. Here we are on the way to the park.

Happiness is running off leash, although it is slightly illegal. He should have waited until he was in the leash-free area. There was no-one else around though so he took the risk.

Since he is almost like a cat, Atlas sleeps on the bed with us, just like our two dearly beloved and now gone to cat-heaven cats did. He is no problem during the night, lies exactly where you left him, no snoring even. In the morning however, he likes to sleep right up until the time we leave for work, so I have to make the bed last thing.

It's such a stressful life being a poodle.

Yesterday was just another day in the life of Atlas. He met his friend Zoey the tiny toy black poodle for lunch. Zoey's mum is the lovely customer who brought the existence of Poodle Rescue to my attention. And the rest is history!


  1. Fiona,

    Atlas is a very handsome boy. I love seeing you and your husband getting such joy from him....and I'm sure Atlas is pretty joyful himself - lots of playtime, never alone, comfy, cozy sleeping quarters, new friends, a job. It's a new and exciting life for him.
    I just noticed the "J." in his name....what does it stand for? Joy?


  2. Merci Adrienne, you have a beautiful heart. His middle name is John, after his first (nine-year) owner, who died of cancer. Because of having an owner who was male (and his girlfriend did not live with him), Atlas adores my husband and follows him around like a shadow. Luckily my husband feels the same way. They are quite the team.

  3. Aren't pups funny? We got Sophie (our lab) to be a companion to my husband, go running with him, etc. But instead she is totally my dog and resents him taking up space in our bed. She's literally pushed against him before while cuddling with me to get him out! (although she's a total love hound and will allow him to scratch and snuggle with her.) But then we have my dachshund, who I had before G and I began dating, and while she loves me and is my baby, she has literally jumped on my face to get to him before and totally basks in his fawning over her. She was a bit ill this week and you would have thought we had a dying child he was so concerned.

    Love the pics of Atlas, he looks like he is quite pleased with his new home. And I would love if shops here had animals in them. Gives a place more personality!

  4. He is gorgeous and in the South of France many of the shop owners take their dogs to work with them. I love it! Our dog Poppy loves the TV, especially children's movies with dogs in them, she will sit and watch the whole movie. Have a wonderful weekend. axx

  5. Atlas is adorable and has quite the life, I must say! Happy weekend to you! xxoo :)

  6. adorable! I love the way you describe Atlas...dogs really do have personalities of their own. ;)One of my Dad's friends has a pawn shop and they also bring their dog to work. She is very well behaved, too...but she's always super excited to see anyone because she's in the gets really hyper and jumps all over you. But I don't mind. She's a small dog, and she's sweet.

  7. Atlas is beautiful! Bet he really charms your customers :) I love all the photos of him!

  8. He is adorable and very lucky to have you as parents!

  9. Thank you for the update, Fiona. I am glad that you and your husband are deriving so much joy from Atlas. And it is clear that Atlas knows where he belongs. I still think it is amazing how he came to be part of your lives. What a great story!!


  10. hi fiona,

    i'm in love with atlas. he is adorable as are you and your husband. such a sweet story with such a happy ending.


  11. Atlas is adorable and how nice that he is so well behaved in the shop.
    I love his special bed...looks pretty inviting.
    You have saved Atlas and I am sure he will return the love twofold.

    Have fun!

  12. Love this post! Love dogs! We have a miniature dachshund and are thinking of getting another dog after Christmas. We are planning to get a rescue dog.

  13. He looks really happy and contented! My parents have 2 big black standard poodles, which have completely different characters form each other.

  14. Atlas J. Poodle is a beautiful dog! and I feel, a lovely addition to your family :)
    A dog in a shoe shop seems less than weird to me ;p I think it's really cute how he is adjusting to home and work life swimmingly.
    Is he going to get much bigger than he is in these photos?


  15. It always so heart-warming to hear stories such as yours. Atlas (love the name) appears to be fitting in perfectly with your life and what can be better than loving someone or a dog who is so grateful.

    Thank you for sharing your photos. He is a very handsome boy.

  16. Kalee, your dog stories are funny! You can't tell them what to do or who to love more.

    Amber, I'm so glad to have found your blog. And equally happy that it's a very French thing to take pets to work in a shop.

    Merci, Cathi!

    Ani, dogs do have their own personalities. I can't help but describe them like little people. They pick up more than we give them credit for - they sense a lot.

    Thanks Sunny, our customers do seem to like him, especially the children. Lucky he's very laid-back. He just stands there being adored.

    Merci, Stephanie!

    H, Atlas certainly knows us now. He's an adorable boy.

    Thank you Janet, you're very kind.

    Hostess, I think his bed looks pretty good too. A little poodle-sized futon.

    Dot, I'm so glad you're choosing a rescue dog. Spread the word!

    Top Chelsea Girl, the standard ones are gorgeous, and so huge!

    Lenna, this is as big as Atlas is going to get. He weighs about 4kg/9lbs and is like a tall cat. So cute!

    Thanks S, Atlas was his name when we got him. Apparently he had two brothers - Napoleon and Samson. Such grand names!

  17. Lovely Fiona. Atlas is obviously SO happy with is new home and new parents. You certainly looked the proud mummy in your photos ;-)
    So sad to read about what his middle initial stands for-heartbreaking!

  18. Oh, Fiona,
    What a darling little boy you have! I have a friend with a teacup poodle her name is Lily. I love this little dog as she is exactly as you have described Atlas. Smart, cute and playful! Darling!

  19. Where I live in Havelock North there are mostly small owner type shops and many have a small dog helping out and greeting customers.

  20. Atlas is soooo cute. I'm so happy for you!

  21. Vanessa, I can't even imagine how awful it must have been for Atlas to have his beloved Dad die, and then to be separated from his two brothers when rehomed. We're trying to make up for it.

    Hi Ma! Atlas looks forward to meeting Bronte one day.

    Thank you J, you're a sweetie.

  22. How cute he is! I'm so glad he found you in his senior years. Bravo for adopting an older pet!

  23. You inspired me. We just brought home Lola today. She is 1 1/2 year old - a miniature apricot poodle rescued from an abusive home and then given to us by her foster family (who are going to take care of her when we are out of town for Christmas). An exhausting morning for her - shopping for bling like a harness and leash and then moving all of her worldly goods. Sound asleep right now but we can tell she is going to be a terrific dog.

  24. Juhli, this is wonderful! What a Christmas gift for both of you. Neglect is one thing, but how could someone abuse a little dog so young? I know with cute toy-looking dogs people think they are toys and treat them as such. They are actually tiny wolves, real living creatures! Atlas wishes Lola all the happiness in the world at her new home with you.

  25. Thanks Fiona. Lola is in my lap right now having decided I think that this home is ok. She wishes she could meet Atlas in person!

  26. Atlas is very chic and charming!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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