Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Paris Fantasy

Image: Jeff Frenette, Unsplash

I thought I'd start sharing favourite excerpts from my books every now and then.  Here is the first one - I hope you enjoy it!

xx Fiona


I adore Paris and am inspired to be my best by living my own version of the idealistic French way of life.

For fun daydreams, I imagine myself in a parallel universe living in a chic apartment in Paris. Of course, I work somewhere fabulous; perhaps I am a magazine editor. On long weekends and holidays, I take the high-speed train down to my family home in Provence, naturellement.

It’s a total fantasy, but one that makes me happy to think about it. So what kinds of things can I imagine doing while I live there?

Sipping black coffee at my local café reading a book
Dressing in a ladylike yet sexy way
Wearing big sunglasses
Having the perfect capsule wardrobe
Eating simple and elegant meals that I put together with ease
Growing red geraniums in a terracotta pot
Planting fresh herbs in the garden and using them in salads
Playing Édith Piaf on my iPod

I brainstorm as many details of my fantasy life as possible, and it’s exciting to see how many of those things I can bring into my everyday life here in New Zealand. There are a lot! And it’s fun to add to my list over time as I think of ideas or see a detail in a movie that appeals.

(From ‘Day 24: How to love where you live’, ‘Thirty More Chic Days’)


  1. Thanks for posting this, Fiona. I just had the saddest day yesterday, not because anything happened but I was just suddenly overtaken by what my life used to be and probably will never be again. I'm sure everybody is having some of those days, suddenly appearing between runs of optimistic and hopeful days. Choosing to be chic is a hopeful lifestyle. Thank you for the beautiful thoughts you insert into my days. I will walk around in my parallel universe for awhile today. xo karen

  2. I can relate to that Karen :( If I think about how things will be different going forward it starts becoming too much, so I have to stop. But you're right, there are good, optimistic and happy days too. Best to you xx

  3. I had a conversation with a neighbour yesterday, who is tres chic, about how it's a choice on how you live, you can either live like a slob or more elegantly. She has lived in France so I would say it has rubbed off on her as her home is simple and elegant. She is also a homemaker / mother. We discussed the idea that maybe many women may be enjoying lock-down as they have time to make their home nice and spend quality time with their children, and maybe not be tempted to go back to work unless they really have too. I am sure there are many men thinking the same way too :)

  4. As well as listening to Piaf, try Charles Trenet, Fiona, singing La Mer! Now, that is so French!!!
    Margaret P


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