Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Easy Quarantine Lunch

It’s lunch for one today, now that Paul has gone back to work.  I had omelette and a ‘salad’ (chopped up celery) and it is so tasty and filling.  I use one or two eggs, mixed with a little bit of cream and some salt.

Before I put that into a non-stick frying pan, I saute some veges in butter.  Today was red capsicum (bell pepper), fresh thyme from the garden and a few slices of mushroom.  Once all that is sizzling I pour the egg mixture over and then sprinkle grated cheese (mozzarella today, but tasty cheese other days) on one half.

I turn the pan off straight away and put a lid on it.  After a few minutes it’s ready to go and I fold the omelette in half (it ended up being quarters today) and serve… to myself :)

Having something fresh on the side makes the omelette so much more enjoyable too.  Today all I had was celery, but I also like cucumber and/or tomato with a crunch of black pepper.

I always like something sweet to end off a meal, and I discovered an old favourite (like decades old) when friends of ours with young children stayed at Christmas.  They left a few caramel dairy foods in the fridge and I thought I’d try them since they are gluten free and fairly healthy.  They were yum!

So I now have one of these (I like to mix up the flavours, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, banana, raspberry) or a square of dark chocolate.  Whichever one I have at lunchtime, I have the other after dinner.  Amazingly I don’t need dessert after breakfast!

[Sidenote: it’s a shame they are marketed at kids, they don’t feel like the chicest thing in my fridge, but they really do hit the spot for low calories, some protein, not too much sugar etc]

Plus, a coffee after that, either pod machine or instant Moccona, with cream or half-and-half.

Yummy lunch, pretty healthy really, and filling too.

[Second sidenote: I love to prechop the ingredients in little containers for a few days.  It makes my lunch prep nice and quick, and I can always add the remainder to a stir-fry or casserole at dinner.  They never go to waste.]

What’s your favourite go-to lunch at home?


  1. I love this idea. We always plan ahead for a lunch to take to work after all. I'm going to do this - it will feel chic and nurturing to do the prep and have it ready in the fridge and it will save me from looking around in the pantry and eating toast and peanut butter just because it's the easiest and not even a real lunch. I love your Paw Patrol dessert! Is it yogurt? We live in Canada and I've never seen this, but it is a great idea to get single serving kids snacks for an after lunch or dinner treat. I love today's post. I read Facebook this morning which is at the top of my "what not to do" list and got feeling grumpy and twitchy. I'm going to stand up and prepare lunch, even though it's only 8::00 am and I haven't even had breakfast yet. Sending love, Fiona! See ya tomorrow. xo karen

    1. It's not yoghurt, more like a chocolate (or caramel, etc) pudding. Yay for the prep work! With a tv show or movie on my iPad the time goes nicely :)

  2. Hi Fiona, Love your pretty napkin design and meal for one. My favorite way to have lunch for one is to set up a pretty tray and cozy up in my floral bedroom in an attractive and comfy knit caftan. I used to use a silver tray but now floral melamine trays are lighter weight and easier to carry and clean up and pretty enough for me at this life stage. (No silver polishing anymore for me.) Bliss! Enjoy your next lunch for one, however you choose to celebrate it. :)

  3. Love this post- what great ideas. I enjoy a quick lunch of roasted vegetables on flatbread with a little feta cheese and hummus on top. Sometimes I will make a salad and put it in a wrap- somehow that seems more hearty. Lastly, I have perfected quick homemade pizza with lots of veggie toppings. Hmmm getting kind of hungry now!

  4. Time to start prepping vegetables. methinks. And those custardy desserts? Must try, they do look so perfect for the Libran sweet tooth. At the moment, I'm making dhal soup with vegetables, currently it's my favourite which is small green mong beans. I make enough for 3 days at a time.


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