Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Joy of Spending Less

Today is the 28th day of lockdown in New Zealand, and we will move to a slightly less restrictive model next week.  What I have found to be quite cool is that my husband and I have saved quite a lot of money during this time simply because we're not going out or buying as much.  (The only things we have purchased have been groceries.)  Of course, it's is terrible for the economy and there is sadly plenty of financial hardship around because of businesses being required to stay closed.

However, for me it's been a good lesson in what I acutally *need*, and reminding me of the power of delayed gratification.  It's all down to a balance of spending and not-spending.  As I've progressed through the month I've written down things I want to buy when we come out of lockdown.  The list isn't that big, only a handful of inexpensive items.

It's all too easy to pop out and get bits and pieces here and there, which really whittles away at your bank account.  The flip side if I'm not out spending, I am being productive at home, visiting people, reading a book, going for a dog walk, sewing, writing my books.  All those good things.

I already know when we go back to normal life (whatever it will look like, gosh), that I will enjoy spending with more intention and not just picking up any old knick-knack that catches my attention.  (And also to use up my stocks of things such as scented body products and pretty candles before I even think of buying any more!)

Today's image is of flowers from our garden in a tiny jar by the bed.  I love adding touches like this, and they are completely free.  If you'd like to read some of my 'thrifty chic' tips and also how we paid our mortgage off within five years of purchasing our first home, it's all in my book 'Financially Chic', available here on Amazon.

xx Fiona

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