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30 Chic Days at Home - Day 22 - Self Talk

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Today's post is more of a... rant.  Will you allow me a minute?

Okay, so here it is.  I can't count the number of times I've heard the phrase 'stuck at home', during the lockdown.  News broadcasters are particularly fond of it.

"Here's some tips for you to avoid being bored when stuck at home."

"How much longer are we going to be stuck at home for?"

"Here's how the nation has handled being stuck at home today."

And even in normal conversation with people you speak with, there's talk of going stir-crazy, having cabin fever, being, yes, 'stuck at home' and many other variations.

Firstly, if we're 'stuck at home', we're one of the lucky ones.  I'm sure frontline staff and essential workers would love to be 'stuck at home' rather than risking illness to work at a supermarket checkout or nursing sick people.

I do agree though that we are all having different experiences.  If you and your family live in an apartment with not even a balcony, it would be different to me, living in the country with a quiet street to walk down in the sunshine.

And if you are an extrovert who loves to get out and about versus being an introvert like I am, who counts home as her absolute favourite place to be?  I get that.

It's really such a great learning experience, isn't it?  Working out how to best live in the new world we find ourselves in?  Something I've noticed is that there is a ton of creativity being generated.  Normal people creating funny music videos, inventive ways to come up with a different meal every night and even for myself, I've felt more creative and motivated.

What's up with that?  Maybe when we feel squeezed in one way, it comes out in another.  I don't know, I'm no expert :)

So let's change being 'stuck at home' to, 'what a privileged life we lead'.  I feel incredibly grateful to be where I am, and a bit guilty too.  I think it's only natural.

Tell me how you're feeling.

xx Fiona


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  1. I prefer to say "safe at home" vs "stuck at home". No matter your circumstance, a positive attitude matters (although I do understand that many people are not safe at home if they are in an abusive relationship). And I just want to clarify that I have four kids, one with Down Syndrome, and my husband is military who is still leaving our home to go to work every day. I, too, am experiencing a roller coaster of emotions each day - I just let them flow through me. Thank you for all your positive e-mails these past few weeks. - Michelle xo

  2. I am a retired senior citizen, introvert. So it is "easy" for me to shelter in place. I see all the people working the essential jobs and putting themselves and their families at risk. I was able to put a name to some of my emotions this week. I am experiencing some form of survivor's guilt. Though I am in a higher risk category, health issues, my family has always pitched in and helped with whatever work was needing to be done. So now as a senior it is hard to sit back and not help others. Thank you for this series, it has been encouraging.

  3. Hello from the US Southwest desert-
    I have been reading your posts for some time and enjoy them all! Thank you so very much for your focus on the positive nature of being at home. I agree completely and wish more would start from a place of gratitude-we ARE healthy, we ARE safe, we have MORE than we need, where can my DONATIONS do the most good..instead of focusing on the very slight inconveniences in our lives now. I grieve with friends who have suffered loss during this time but I look forward with hope....It doesn't have to be one emotion or the other. We are complex beings and are able to feel both ways no matter what the newscasters tell us. Kindness and compassion and stir crazy can be ok in combination-I know that I move through them each day! Take good care of yourself :)

  4. Hi Fiona! I have been reading some of my fave bloggers on my list during this time for a respite from the sadness so am enjoying your Covid-time positive posts from across the world and we share a love of all things home and simplicity, (our own version of it which is different from each other and other simpler living people too, and as it should be!), so I totally agree with you on all accounts on this topic and I wrote something similar about my feelings about that in my recent newsletter as I agree we need to be grateful and stop saying "cooped up" and start saying "blessed to be at home." Well said, my dear! We ARE the lucky ones to be at home, and in a nice home too. Many do realistically struggle with home in many ways, but a lot of it is attitude and gratitude and making the most of the home you have. I have lived in all styles and sizes of (small) homes and they all ended up feeling like home because my husband and I made them feel that way, to us, anyway. BTW, I love your Financially Chic book and added it to my list of my favorite money books on my blog a couple of places. Like you too, I have been reading money books since in my 20s and I like the more down-to-earth practical "housewifey" ones vs. the dull business tomes. My husband and I have saved carefully during our whole marriage (40 years this year!) and it's a good way to live to be prudent with one's money. My husband is a 40-years banker so he really thinks living under your means and saving is smart, and as a homemaker/freelance writer I like finding ways to economize beautifully so I can continue my endeavors, and always have liked finding ways to do that as my frugal but simple-elegance-blonde Grandmother showed me how well you can live by doing that 50 years ago when I was just a little girl. Well anyway, all that living prompted all my own writings/eBooks I began so long ago now that they seem ancient, ha! I don't consider myself a "chic" author, so I look forward to reading your new book on how I can become one, ha! I taught myself this year how to make my own book covers and put them on my new site. What do you think? Lots better than my old ones. Next up I want to do a small paperback book on Amazon so I may have to buy your course on that topic yet. It all takes time so well shall see. Anyway, enjoy your time at home and your lovely country. My husband and I have had a great time watching YouTube videos about New Zealand and think it's gorgeous. Would love to visit there someday, God willing. Be well Fiona and keep up your writing -- your books are very cute and well-done. You should be very proud--you found your niche topics and do them well. Kathryn :)

  5. I completely agree. One positive thing that has come out of this is a greater awareness of my environmental impact. I really am going to make more of an effort when we can leave the house freely to be more intentional about my errands and consolidating them instead of just getting out randomly. And I love how I've gotten very good at using what we have and making the most out of my pantry items letting nothing go to waste. I guess I'm appreciating not being wasteful with needless driving or throwing away food that was wasted. There is always a silver lining.


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