Tuesday, April 14, 2020

30 Chic Days at Home - Day 25 - Move It Baby!

I haven't been perfect about it, but the days when I move myself with a bit more effort than just going from the bed to the shower to the couch, I feel so good.  My husband Paul and I have gotten ourselves into a nice quarantine morning routine, which is: breakfast - some work - a dog walk - 'exercise class' - lunch.

So far for our exercise classes we've done yoga and pilates classes from my favourite Rituals YouTube channel, and today we did a lower body calisthenics workout (from here.)  I can really feel it in my thighs and dread to even consider how they will be tomorrow.  I will probably be unable to walk!  Onwards and upwards though :)

Paul normally goes to the gym (which is closed during lockdown) and I... don't.  He's been such a good sport about doing my workouts with me and it's definitely more enjoyable than doing them on your own.  If I had children I'd totally make them do workouts with me too!

The only equipment I use is a yoga mat, and Paul uses a towel because I only have one mat, so you could definitely lay a towel down on the floor.  Plus we used food in cans from the pantry when I realised the pilates video I chose needed hand-weights one time.  I usually search for workout videos on YouTube that say 'no equipment'.  There is so much you can do without any equipment and that's basically what 'calisthenics' is - using your own body weight to work out.

I love that doing these videos is free, you can change up who you follow or what kind of workouts you choose, do them at a convenient time, and once you get yourself in front of your television, iPad or phone, that's all you need to do.  From there on someone will lead you through the workout and be your coach.

And if you need motivation to get there in the first place, search on YouTube for 'how I lost weight' or 'fitness journey' stories and watch a few.  Some will resonate and some won't, but the ones that do spark something in you, will have you so keen to do a workout.  And if I can get enthused about working out, I truly believe anyone can.

The cool thing is too, that you feel mentally well after a workout, so it's not just physical.  I think we can all agree that feeling mentally better at this time is even more important than usual.  We all want to come out of this with our sanity intact!

If you have any favourite exercise/fitness inspiration videos on YouTube, please drop them in the comments :)

xx Fiona


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  1. I like the Yoga with Rituals site, Fiona. As a yoga teacher I'm really picky about what I recommend on youtube, and yes, Yoga with Adrienne is good too.

    1. Yay for your blessing, Ratnamurti, thank you :)

  2. Thank you, I will try both of these!


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