Monday, April 6, 2020

30 Chic Days at Home - Day 17 - Set Your Goals

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No matter your current situation within this lockdown, it's important to have goals to look forward to once we get back to normal.  I know 'normal' will probably look different in the future, but it's still our lives we are getting back to.

I love the 'Now, Next, Future' goal idea, and did this for myself a few days ago.  You can probably guess from the title that there are three sections to consider:

Now: Things you want to achieve right now.  For me, I decided it's the lockdown period.  Basically things you are working on... 'now' (if you want to clarify it for when things aren't so topsy turvy.)

Next: The next things on your list.  They aren't far away, but you aren't currently working on them.  Once you've finished with your 'Now' goals, you can enjoy moving onto your 'Next' goals.

(Don't you love my 'so basic they're ridiculous' descriptions???)

Future: Your happy pipe dreams.  The things that will make the sun come out, and that you think you could achieve under perfect conditions.

Your goals will change too. Many of my goals are writing based at the moment, whereas a month or two ago they were mostly to do with the home.  For me it's exciting that I can follow where my energy is strongest and work on those goals.  'Work' isn't the best word to use actually, because when you follow the path that is the most appealing, you more effortlessly achieve your goals and it's not difficult at all.

For my Now goals I have already finalised the new cover for my 'Financially Chic' book, and the next item on my Now list is my 'The Chic Author' book which I only have the final edit and read-through to do, put a cover together with the help of my graphic designer and publish it.  Apart from these daily '30 Chic Days at Home' posts, that is my main focus.

Have you used this goal format before?  Tell me what you are working on Now, and Next!  And Future if you want to :)

xx Fiona


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  1. I do believe that your new book will go well. Best wishes with it. My now, next and future goals involve health and fitness. And writing including online yoga courses


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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