Friday, April 24, 2020

Being feminine around the home

Image: Nicole Pearce, Unsplash
Something that always helps lift my spirits is to be more feminine around the home.  I find that I feel lighter and happier.  A nice side effect is that my husband Paul notices and comments on things I've done too, so that's nice.

I'm happy to share some of my favourite ways to be feminine around the home with you:

- Brushing my hair and tying a pretty ribbon around my ponytail.  I found this black satin ribbon in my sewing supplies.

- Lighting a candle, even during the day

- Putting hand cream on, bonus points if it has a beautiful fragrance

- Having French music playing softly in the background all day

- Wearing earrings - in the same photo I have my favourite cultured pearl earrings on - my nana gave them to me for my 14th birthday!  So they are 35 years old :)
- Tying a silk scarf around my neck if it's chilly

- Painting my nails - I do it like the nail lady I sometimes go to - a base coat, two coats of colour and a top coat.  I then set my alarm for 30 minutes and type or edit my book carefully, not bumping my nails.

- Putting on sheer, pretty makeup and fragrance.

- Cooking a delicious meal with an idea from Pinterest or a recipe I've saved.

- Spending time reading a book or crafting.
- Pick a few flowers to put in a bud vase

I love the subject of femininity so much, that I've written chapters in my books with further ideas:

Day 13: Indulge in your femininity in 'Thirty Chic Days'
Day 11: Honour your feminine heart in 'Thirty More Chic Days'

How do you like to feel more feminine while at home?

xx Fiona

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