Friday, April 10, 2020

30 Chic Days at Home - Day 21 - Make Do and Mend

Image: Georgia de Lotz, Unsplash
Something that never fails to buoy my spirits is to do some mending.  Even one item helps!  Today I sewed a button back onto a shirt, but the fabric was ripped underneath, so I had to patch that then sew the button on top.  It had been hanging on the back of the door for many, many weeks, ironed and ready to go except for this button.  I just did it now and it took about ten minutes.  *Ten minutes.*  And that includes re-threading my sewing machine with white cotton. Why wait so long, Fiona?

Not only do I have a door that is 'clear' now: no shirt hanging on it, but there is an extra, wearable shirt in the closet.  It feels great to get things done, and I find that often it's the littlest things that make the biggest difference.

We might not have any control over the world currently (or any time really, when you think about it), but we can control our own home.  We have to make do right now, and it's strangely satisfying, don't you think?  Substituting ingredients and coming up with new favourite recipes out of necessity?

It feels good to mend too.  For many items it's not an option to buy a replacement at the moment, but even in normal times I love to mend something if possible.  It just feels good.  And apparently it's green!

Tomorrow I'm going to choose one more thing to mend.  I have quite the pile, you see.  Some mending, some ambitious remodelling.  Do you have a mending pile usually?  All up to date now?  I hope to join you in completion by the end of lockdown :)

xx Fiona


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  1. A few weeks ago I mended a small hole in one of my nightgowns. I was particularly proud of it :)

  2. I mended a hole in the pocket of my winter coat. I was rather annoyed because it's only a few months old, but pleased that I was able to figure out how to do it, especially because it had to be hand sewn.


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