Monday, April 20, 2020

30 Chic Days at Home - Day 30 - Future Plans

Exciting future plans can make everything seem more bearable in the moment today.  Certainly, a trip to Paris might not be on the cards for a while, but I love to have lots of little things to look forward to right here at home.  In my inspiration notebook I write ideas down as I think of them; different things I've dreamed up such as:

- Making my own clothes like I used to in my teens and twenties
- Perusing fabrics to be inspired by once the shops are open again
- Looking through the handful of Burda European sewing magazines I have
- Rewatching Nancy Meyers movies to soak in the wonderful homes she creates
- Making my own home more 'spa-like' in its atmosphere
- Create a 'capsule collection' of foods and recipes that support my healthy lifestyle

Life really is a wonderful feast.  We can do our best with the current day and dream of a better future.  By bringing details of that better future into our present day, we are already halfway there.

I hope you have enjoyed this petite '30 Chic Days at Home' series.  From tomorrow I will be continuing with daily posts as promised, to keep you company and share my inspiration on living a simple, beautiful and successful life, no matter your circumstances or budget.

That has been my goal from the start of my blog ten years ago, and it is still my focus today.  If you would like further inspiration still, I have written several books which you can see here on Amazon.  I love everything about the process of writing my books.  I get excited by the initial ideas I come up with, work through each chapter bringing them to life, revisit the whole book in the editing phase and then create a beautiful cover with the help of my graphic designer.  I love seeing a new book join the family too; it's always such a thrill.

Wishing you a beautiful day,
xx Fiona

Image: Grillot Edouard, Unsplash


  1. I'm doing Imaginary Destinations. We pick a place we might go on vacation and then plan a meal we might have there on Friday night. This week we chose Lisbon, We had Piri Piri chicken, salad, shrimp Mozambique, and custard tarts. The rule is use only what we have in the house. Next Friday will be salmon, asparagus and an apple dessert for Seattle.

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  3. AHA! This is delightful to receive today. I thought you'd disappeared after day 21 or 22 but today I received six days in one huge batch! I don't know what happened, but I'm grateful for the giant anti-virus dose. Thank you for all your words and habits of calm, serene, grateful living. I told my husband yesterday, I'm living in my own world now. I'll watch the news once a day but no more digging deep - are the experts doing the right thing?, what about Sweden?, is this a conspiracy?, bummer summer coming up. Every day is still a gift and every day I can sew, read, play the piano, talk to friends, cook, dream, write, walk, listen to music and find something to laugh about. Day by day by day..... I can choose to thrive. Thank you for your "I'm thriving" messages. It IS your superpower, as I saw somebody else told you. I'm making it mine also. Sending love. xo karen

  4. Hi Fiona, I wrote a comment but something odd happened so forgive please if this duplicates. :) Yes, I think having pleasant things to look forward to is grand! We keep a list of possible future B&Bs to stay in as we started doing that as our travel m.o. when we were just in our 20s in the late 1980s and this year will be our 70th stay for our 40th anniversary and we are planning/researching some to make it a really fun/unique one. I used to plan ahead with books for our B&B trips but the internet has made it so much more fun to plan and be an "armchair traveler." We also keep a list of new restaurants to try in our area and I made a Dining Guide for our area and also a list of our inn trips over the years since they cover 17 U.S. states with my mini reviews and put on my blog and people who like the same kind of travel and restaurants we do have written to me how much they liked that as the research and due diligence is done and they know we are discerning about where we will stay and eat so if I like it they probably will. (Charming, quaint, romantic, artistic, sometimes historical, and NOT noisy, sportsy, moderne, crowds.) Your paddock is so pretty, by the way, I think you could turn at least one room in your home into an Airbnb type of B&B. (Those were not even in existence when we started our B&B hobby so long ago and we have never stayed in those kind but are considering that for the future.) Well anyway, have fun everyone!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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