Monday, June 21, 2010

How to Look Wealthy

I copied down the following passages when I had a book out of the library called The Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar. I love that a book about becoming prosperous includes sartorial advice. I've read a lot of personal finance books over the years and this is a first.

These notes remind me that I'm never able to hide a lazy-dressing day. People notice and react (mostly subconsciously).

I especially like the last couple of lines of the excerpts about quality and simple lines, and the phrase 'restrained elegance'.

- Excerpt from Rule 22: Only by looking wealthy can you become wealthy

The lack of effort is directly related to the lack of results. The poor look poor. Not because they have to. They wear a uniform that marks them out. If they change that uniform they change their circumstances because people will react differently to them.

We aren’t too far removed from the great apes and they relate to each other based a lot on how they move and look. Those who look weak and needy are treated as such. The powerful will strut and look confident. What I am suggesting is that you need to look powerful and confident. We should all look powerful and confident.

- Excerpt from Rule 23: You need to look powerful and confident

It’s about the way you walk rather than what you wear. It’s about the overall image you project. Dress wealthy and people will assume you are and treat you accordingly. Learn style, class, how the wealthy dress. Look poor and you’ll get poor service. And whatever you do, no bling. Restrained elegance is what we shall aim for. Old money. Quality. Simple lines. Good haircut. Clean nails.


  1. So true. Every morning during our staff meeting, during the boring parts I scan what my colleagues and coworkers are wearing and how their posture is. Looking shabby has become the norm, and I'm not sure people realize how they look anymore -- or what it says about them.

  2. I agree, shabby is acceptable now so it's rare to see someone nicely turned out.

  3. This is an interesting post. In my "neck of the woods" it's accepted to see people dressed in their "barn" gear, or riding clothes when you run into town, and a great many them are wealthy.
    If I were judged by what I was wearing, I would often be taken for a stall I try to dress appropriately for the job, or event. You should see what I wear when I fly, and we have our own (Cessna Encore and Pilatus) plane. I wear clothes and shoes to give me the best chance of surviving a crash. I change on the plane when I get to where I'm going.

    I think these books are fun, and I buy many books on the "Rich" to stock in my library for my friends amusement.
    My favourite, and I think the most accurate (in my experience) is The Natural History Of The Rich-A Field Guide, by Richard Conniff It's funny; but true. lol.

  4. Duchess, I, too, enjoy these books with a pinch of salt. They're fun!

    I'll check out the book you recommend, thank you.

  5. Well, this was wonderful! I may have to check out that book!

  6. I can't believe workout gear has become the uniform of the stay at home/work from home woman. I pick my kids up at school and they are all dressed like clones. Leggings, neon running shoes, no makeup and hair in a ratty ponytail. Being comfortable can still be stylish. I want my husband to see me dressed nicely and know that I put some effort to get dressed this morning. Workout gear is fine on occasion but not every day.

    1. I agree Jamie, a lot of ladies wear their workout gear all day here too. I like to wear day clothes and a light bit of makeup even if I'm at home and not going out anywhere. It's the bare minimum of effort sometimes :) but I feel better than if I've left my walking gear on all day.

  7. Here in the northeast of the USA where I am, it's a "trendy thing" for women to dress like street bums and think it's off set by carrying a Louis Vuitton or Hermes bag. How disillusioned they are. --Heather

    1. I know that fashiony look and it's not me either. I admire Greg Lauren's deconstructed/remade/upcycled look but never in a million years would I wear it myself!


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