Friday, June 25, 2010

Girl Crush

I have a girl-crush on Aerin Lauder. I have had for a long time and I think it will last forever. Despite the fact that she is practically American royalty and fabulously wealthy as well, she comes across as very ordinary, in a glossy and polished kind of a way.

In the photos I have seen of her, she hardly wears any makeup, yet her family is a cosmetic super-power. She may be very canny and good at marketing herself and the Estee Lauder company brands, but she seems really unaffected and hard-working.

If I wore my hair long and unlayered and parted in the middle, with just about no colour on my face I would look beyond drab. What's your secret Aerin? What makes you glow from within? Is she like the French girl who wears makeup which looks like no-makeup I wonder?

Any girl crushes you'd care to share?


  1. Aerin doesn't look like she ages at all, and you get the feeling (from her apparently effortless style) that she wakes up looking like that, no?

    My girl crushes are Daphne Guinness and Ines de le Fressange.

  2. She is so interesting and looks original. I like how she is consistent in her appearance and always seems so cool and collected in her demeanor and dress.

    My current girl crushes are Monica Bellucci and Laura Calder (because I want her cooking talent)


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