Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Inner French Girl

I was out having a drink with my husband after work one night last week before we met up with friends for dinner. I was tired and grumpy and complained (yes, again!) to my husband that my drink didn’t even reach the line on the glass. I really can’t help myself sometimes.

I then thought, what if I was Sabine sitting here on the tall stool with her date. Would she be sour and slumped? In that moment I decided to channel Sabine and instantly felt more effervescent inside. My shoulders lifted up and back. I asked my date/husband how his gym workout was and complimented him on his muscley arms (they really are something else, like a tennis ball stuck to each arm).

By channelling my inner French girl I was able to be instantly feel/be more elegant and charming. And we both had a delightful evening. I wasn't Sabine the whole night, but channelling her helped me back into the right frame of mind and it carried through from there.

I will remember this technique next time I am feeling less than chic. The thought originally came from Anne Barone’s Chic & Slim Techniques No. 1 book – the Sabrina technique.


  1. The approach I've always used is similar, but uses my own self as inspiration -- the girl my husband used to date. We've been married for nearly 17 years and it'd be easy to let things slip into too much of a comfort zone. But when I've asked myself if one action or another was something I'd have done in the early, heady days of dating and the answer was "no," then I didn't usually do it. I know that he does it as well. Sort of helps keep us on our toes, you know?

  2. That's a really good technique. I was thinking about re-reading Anne's books soon as a refresher. There is so much good information in there.

    I think I'm going to challenge myself and try to spend one entire day doing this. Just to see if I can. I guess it will involve slowing down and thinking before I act. Maybe it can become a habit?

  3. LuxeBytes - I love your technique too. It's so magical to remember back to the early days.

    Stephanie - a whole day would be quite a fun challenge! I've been really drawn to Anne's books lately, hence this blog, the posts... Will you post on your day? Please?

  4. I need to do this more.
    It is hard to stand at the counter and stuff your face with tortilla chips when you are trying to channel your inner french or italian girl.
    I didn't put this in my book, but I also have an inner french girl, in addition to my inner italian girl. I created her a while back when my IIG (gabriella) started to feel a little stale to me and coincidentally, her name is also Sabine : )

  5. Kristi, how funny about your IFG being named Sabine also. I initially called myself Dominique, but keep going back to Sabine. She just moved in without an invite.

    Perhaps Sabine is the patron inner french girl (like a patron saint) to all of us.

  6. I will post on it when I get through a day sucessfully :)
    Although that is a challenge. Mine is Anaise, my great grandmother's name.

  7. Anaise is a gorgeous name. Perhaps you could post on your perfect day as Anaise. Write about it before it happens, detailing what you do throughout the day.

    We could have a 'group task', writing about a normal day but going about it as if we were our inner French girl. Group task doesn't sound much fun I know. Does anyone else have a better name for it? The more IFGs the merrier!

  8. I like the idea of a group task like this. It sounds fun!

  9. Stephanie, I think I shall have to post on this group task deal and 'put it out there'.

  10. i want to join the chic Group. Deb from...Italy


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