Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week 3 Update

This week I have made pleasing progress towards my chic eating goals. And by progress I mean infinitesimal steps in the right direction. I had a salad with almost all of my lunches. Sometimes salad was the main attraction, with leafy things, more solid things and protein, and sometimes it was just a side salad.

Yesterday I had leftover Indian fish malabari curry and naan bread from dinner out the night before. Pre-chic-eating I would have just had the leftovers. Post-chic-eating I added a simple salad of torn lettuce, tomato, carrot and celery. This is big for me. And like anything it will become a habit if I make a point of remembering to do it everyday until it is ingrained.

Then, in the shimmery, perfect haze of future, I will not be able to have lunch without a salad. Dinnertime already includes plenty of veg but who knows, maybe I'll get really adventurous (and more French) and add a salad course then too.

Nary a potato chip has passed my lips this past week. Also impressive for me. Some things I just cannot have in the house and every day make a conscious effort not to buy.

I have had at least one piece of fresh fruit per day. Sometimes two, but mostly one. Just simple things - at the moment apples, pears, mandarins, oranges. In the summer though I love watermelon and strawberries (it's Autumn here in the southern hemisphere).

My weight is the same as two weeks ago and I am fine about that. My stomach actually feels a little flatter (not flat, I hasten to add, but flat-er) and it feels really good not to think 'I'm fatter than I want to be' all the time. Forgetting about that and focusing on eating good food is so much more relaxing.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration ... I am currently struggling with the jeans way too tight syndrome and hoping to gradually change that.

  2. Your last sentence says it all. You are no longer focusing on the scale, but on your habits and changing them for the better. That is a huge mind shift.

  3. I hear you Kristi, I am down to one pair of jeans at the moment - all the others are too tight!

    Stephanie, shift the mind and the body will follow? I hope so.

  4. Hi Fiona:

    I make huge "green" smoothies every morning, and that seems to keep my appetite in check till lunchtime and gets all of my fruits and vegetables into my daily diet in one fell swoop. My husband's drinking them now as well, and they're pretty fab. Not French, but definitely fab.

    1 banana

    about 2 cups of fresh or frozen fruit (pineapple's my favorite, but really anything is good as long as it's not apples or some other hard fruit)

    4 oz. plain whole-fat yogurt (homemade -- Guiliano recipe)

    4 oz. water

    2-3 large handfuls of baby spinach (or other greens, but spinach is very sweet)

    2 tbsp. whole flaxseeds

    I've also started doing yoga about 5x a week, and it's the first time in my life I have loved doing exercise. Though ... I don't actually THINK of it as exercise. It's just something that I look forward to because it's relaxing and it feels so great.

    Indian food ... yum ....

  5. LB, your breakfast drink sounds delicious. Do you use a blender or a food processor? I will definitely be trying it.

    Your post mentioning yoga has really stuck with me, so much that I am considering finding a beginners class nearby. I quit the gym to walk as my exercise but adding yoga would be very beneficial I think. Thanks for the great yoga write up.

  6. I use a blender for my smoothies. So easy, so great, so healthy. I feel completely virtuous!

    Yoga resonates so well with me. It's my daily treat. Give it a try. A lot of yoga studios offer a free week of classes, just to try it out. Maybe they do in your neck of the woods?


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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