Saturday, June 26, 2010

Week 5 Update

This week I feel like my changes are bedding in. It's routine for me to make a salad to eat with lunch, just as it is to prepare vegetables to steam or stir-fry with dinner. It's routine now for me to have no snacks if I have an after-work drink . It's routine for me to have a piece of fresh fruit in the morning and/or afternoon.

And I don't crave crap food any more. Well most of the time anyway. Once or twice I have thought, some chippies would be nice tonight, but then remember they are not chic, and I stop thinking about them.

Is this really me?

And when in the supermarket I remembered how nice the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate tasted when I had it a few weeks before, I stopped myself and reminded myself that Dairy Milk isn't a 1-2 squares type of chocolate, it's eat the entire large size in one night with your husband. Not chic. So I didn't buy it and instead had a square or two of the dark chocolate I already had at home.

I really do take it day by day though, as I'm terrified of waking up to how I used to be, Miss All or Nothing. Now I'm Miss (or should I say Mrs) Balanced In The Middle.

My weight is still steady. It hasn't dropped and is similar to the second week but I have noticed my midriff/torso feels slimmer. My stomach doesn't poke out quite so much! I have heard it said before that you can weigh the same and yet appear or measure smaller. I think this is what I am doing.

We were out for dinner this week with a big group of friends for a birthday party. The birthday girl is from Europe and is pregnant. I was talking with her and asking how she was. She said she found it hard eating 'safe' foods and really missed her salads, as she could only eat them if they were freshly washed, so mostly at home. She couldn't prepare them beforehand to take into work or purchase, as this wasn't considered safe.

She is sometimes looked down upon by some as being uptight or too strict and her slimness is testament to the fact she is 'no fun' according to some of the more oaf-ish (my words) people in the group of friends. What she actually is, is European!

Even though I am becoming European in my eating habits, my husband often says I am very European in my dress. He says this European friend and I are the most similar in the way we dress, and quite different from our local friends. I take this as a huge compliment!

I wore a beige wool beret in at the beginning and out of the restaurant at the end as it was a very cold evening, and she said how much she liked it. Praise from a chic European person is high praise indeed.


  1. And once again, this gives me hope. It's so interesting getting weekly updates on something you've just begun to follow how you do it. It's going to be my blueprint. I had a big discussion with my husband last night and basically put my foot down that I don't want to go out to eat at these places that serve nothing but really gigantic portions and in general, unhealthy food.

    Isn't this why the scale is deceiving? You look and feel better but sometimes it's easier to believe the scale instead. I submit this, you are eating lots more salads and vegetables and are probably just properly hydrated for the first time in a while, at the same time you are losing weight in a reasonable manner so the number isn't changing just yet, but balancing out. That's why you are seeing inches lost, but no movement.

    Loved hearing about your chic European friend!

  2. Small steps! It takes patience. You didn't arrive at this place overnight, nor will you exit it overnight.

    Stephanie's theory about hydration is compelling.

  3. Stephanie, the last couple of weeks were quite unusual in that we had dinner out twice. Both times I took half my main course home and had it for lunch the next day. One was Indian and one was Italian, so not deep-fried kind of places. That would be harder and I'd probably not take home my leftovers. If we ate out more often than we do it would perhaps be more difficult to choose healthy meals.

    I do feel like my weight is balancing out, and in time will decrease. I have always drunk a lot of plain water throughout the day, but sometimes it doesn't quench the thirst as much as an apple or a salad.

    LB, you have very wise words. Merci.

  4. Trust me, it is a HUGE compliment.

    Bravo for you regime discipline. The most compelling characteristic in French women -- for me at least -- is their discipline. And believe me they can be lots of fun.

  5. I'm enjoying reading your blog and appreciate the honesty you are sharing with us. You are an inspiration to those of us struggling with the same things.

    I agree, Stephanie's theory is interesting.

    Perhaps if I try, as you are, to keep asking myself "Is this chic?" I may be able to just eat 2 or 3 candied pecans instead of half the bowl as I did last night (most un-chic!!).

  6. Merci Tish, I love your words on discipline. The secret is finding something that really resonates with you and inspires you. Your words about the French woman being made compelling by discipline spoke to me. I want to be compelling, therefore, I will enjoy being disciplined.

    I am loving the real women street style on your blog.

    JC, glad you get something from my posts. I too have been thinking lots about Stephanie's hydration idea. I like the thought of plumping out my skin with raw vegetables. And by plumping out I mean youthful and dewy, whilst still being slender in figure!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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