Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Simple Changes

Thinking back over the past month since I started this blog, I have made some simple changes which have really made a big difference to how I feel. And I think it's through writing on this blog I have been able to identify them.

I've realised it's only by putting these changes into practice that I've been able to benefit. I need to do things, not just read and think about them. I've always pooh-poohed magazine articles that said 'walk 2-3 times per week' and 'drink eight glasses of water a day'. The tips seemed too easy.

But if you actually do them you benefit. You don't need to throw yourself into something strenuous and life-changing like I thought (and have done, for a short while before I go back to the way I was). The gentle way is the best (for me anyway).

My simple changes so far:

Food and nourishment. Making an ongoing effort to eat 'real' and 'chic' food. Really I could just call it 'real' food, as I can't think of a 'real' food item that is not chic. My consumption of raw vegetables and fruit is vastly increased, and my consumption of lollies, chippies and crappy lunches is vastly decreased.

Errand walking. Last week I walked three times, doing errands. I was gone for 1-1/2 hours, walking most of that time. And it was enjoyable. I said hi to customers I knew, window-shopped on the way and saw cute dogs going for a walk too.

This week I have walked once so far, today. I walked for an hour and twenty minutes, and visited the library, post office and supermarket. I feel physically tired tonight and it is a nice feeling.

No personal internet at work. I started this one today and it was quite hard. It's so easy to 'hop on' and check my personal email, blogs, google reader. But it's never quick, I get distracted, and all those little bits of time (or not so little bits) add up over the day. I got so much more work done today.

I think by sticking to 'no personal internet at work' strictly I will be able to keep up with my work. I was trying to think of ways to outsource jobs (on a very limited budget) and save time, but all I needed to do was work at work. Simple. This will be an ongoing challenge for me I know. One day does not a success make. If I give myself an inch I will take a mile (or give myself five minutes I will take an hour more like).

When these become part of my everyday, I will add more. But less is better for now. Three simple changes that have helped out in the areas that have bothered me the most.

Any simple changes you've done lately that have turned out to be really successful?


  1. I think the simple changes I've made lately include regular action on something that needs to be done. Just a little bit each day is making a dent in my to do list. As a result, it's not overwhelming.

  2. You're so right Stephanie. A little bit each day is key.

  3. For me was changing what we were eating. Husband and I were always tired but simply more veggies and more home cooked meals was life definetley life changing. WE feel so much better!
    When I read your posts about eating well....I can never grow tired of hearing someone else tell me about it!!!!

  4. I know exactly what you mean Ping. I definitely have a lot more energy (calm energy though, not frenetic) and am grumpy a lot less often. That's got to be a good thing!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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