Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sophie Dahl

Her dressing table is spotless with candles, jars of creams and good light. She's flawless, very feminine, smells delicious, and her hair's always clean whether you see her at a party or drop round on a Sunday.
- Bay Garnett, Stylist, on Sophie Dahl

I re-read this quote often I adore it so much. It inspires me when I'm tempted to get 'one more day' out of my hair and it's my dream to have a sit-down dressing table in the hopefully-not-too-distant future.

It came from the book The Cheap Date Guide To Style which was pretty dire actually, but worth the $1 reserve fee at the library, just for this quote. It doesn't take much to make me happy.


  1. "one more day out of my hair"....priceless! I'm guilty of this. It sort of shakes you into the reality that people notice and who wants to go around with dirty hair anyway?

  2. It's true Stephanie!

    My sister told me the funniest story about having a conversation just like this with a woman at her daughter's preschool. My sister admitted sometimes going one day more than she should have regards washing her hair. The woman told my sister she too often left her hair one day too long.

    At that point my sister said she noticed the woman had what looked like butter slicked through her roots - only it wasn't butter. Perhaps longer than one-day-too-long for this woman!

  3. Gross! Butter slick? I'm sitting her with a towel on my head and freshly washed hair :)


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