Friday, May 8, 2020

Styling beds and my bed tour

I love making my bed look pretty without it being too frou-frou.  The overstyled bed with a million pillows looks so lush, but the novelty wears off when you have to unload twenty of them each night before you can hop into bed.  The sweet spot for me is to have two or three decorative pillows along with the normal pillows.

I use the large square European pillows to sit up in bed every morning sipping hot tea and reading a book.  It's the most divine start to my day.  The first image with the red eiderdown is our master bedroom, and the other two are our guest rooms.

I bought multiples of the soft quilted eiderdowns because they are so cozy and snuggly, and have ended up with them on all of the beds at the same time :)

I know what I said about not having too many pillows on the bed, but it's fun to dress guest beds and then clear some of the pillows out when people come to stay.  And it's easier to store them there than in the linen closet.

Moving the coloured pillows from room to room, between the three bedrooms and the living room sofas means I can freshen up the looks.  In our master bedroom I just changed the colour-way to white/red for winter.  Before that I had the pink cushions on our bed (and used the reverse taupe/white print of the bedspread, which you can see a little bit of on the turnback), with no eiderdown.

The bed with the stripey headboard is actually two single beds which zips together to be a super-king size which is very handy for guests.  The headboards look like one when they are together, or are square when apart.  My brother and our cousin stayed the night once (after some wines...) and I only had the two single beds made up.  They didn't mind sharing a room and said it was like when they were ten years old and spending the night at our nana's in her spare room, chattering away until they fell asleep.  So cute.

I love making an attractively styled bed; it really elevates the bedroom and lets me think I am staying the night at a five-star hotel.  I love hotel style so much!

Are you a bed nut like I am ???

xxx Fiona


  1. Fellow bed nut! These all look like chic hotel beds and I love how you can switch them up with the pillows and comforters. So cool! I keep switching our guest bed up a lot and I do it to our bed at the camp too...much to my husband's chagrin. I keep rotating different coverlets and pillow shams from bed to bed.

  2. I read in bed often. I need to look into European-style pillows that you mention. All of these beds look great, Fiona. I'm inspired. ~~MJ~~

  3. Very nice Fiona and I like your luxe-looking coverlets in your various colors. Your rooms fit you from what I've read in your books. For me, I'm a huge bed nut too (work there most of the time) but I still favor my floral garden-y B&B look I have written about forever, but I have streamlined it much more than it used to be and I notice that some inns now are really going away from floral or "foo foo-ish" bedrooms. But I do mine how I want, ha! Have fun; you have done a lovely job with your home since you moved in and your own style comes out, as it should be. I love your back outdoor view too. Have you seen the website One Fine Stay? Their bedrooms would be fun for you to peruse I think since you like that streamlined luxe-ish style. They have homes in Paris you'll like for sure. :)


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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