Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Photos that were taken pre-lock down seem so long ago, even though it might have only been a month or two ago.  Just over a week before New Zealand shut down, my brother hosted a divine outdoor family lunch at his new home.

It was Italian-inspired so we had Spaghetti Bolognese, and my mum made a pavlova for dessert, with fresh raspberries picked by my auntie.  (I guess the pavlova is not so Italian, hehe, but it was delicious).

Those carefree days seem so long ago!  But hopefully all our lives will get back to normal with time.

And another throwback picture:

Little Chloe at our local Waimarama beach this past (Southern Hemisphere) summer ☀️💦☀️💦☀️ Can you see the sand on her chin? 😭😭😭 She and Daphne loved their beach day. They ran along the wet sand - on leashes of course, and had swims in the sea. They were naturals at dog paddling too!

xx Fiona


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  1. You look so glamorous in the first photo Fiona!

    I am a long time reader and enjoy your blog. Very calming in these uncertain times.


  2. Ahh....... don't we so look forward to parties! They do seem so long ago. And beach days! You look glamorous and serene in the first photo, wearing your personal favorite, a well pressed button up shirt. xo karen

  3. What a beautiful lunch! I agree with the first comment- you look so glamorous in the first photo! May I ask - What is the shade of your lipstick?

  4. Hi Fiona, I want to know what shade of lipstick you are wearing in the first photo too! Lovely. Also wanted to thank you for posting on your blog so regularly lately. It has really helped me get through this time.

  5. You look so cute Fiona and what a lovely dinner table. I would also love to know the lipstick color and brand as I have German-fair pale skin and don't like harsh reds or too pinkie pinks and that color looks in between and very nice. :) Thanks!

  6. I love your blog and I have all your books You are such a kind,
    giving, talented person and yes I agree wit the others, you look
    very glamorous.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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