Saturday, May 9, 2020

Peace of mind

Thirty Chic Days by Fiona Ferris

“My tranquil life started with a wish – I desired to live in a peaceful and simple way. I value a routine and comfortable home life which is quiet in both thought and action.”
…from Day 15 – Cultivate serenity and calmness in your life, ‘Thirty Chic Days

All I ever want is for life to be peaceful.  Not that I’m a pushover, but my major and minor decisions all help to support a peace of mind where possible.

I have always loved words such as:


The stillness of their sounds wash over me and soothe my mind instantly.

There’s a lot to be said for living a simple and peaceful life.  I guess it all comes down to your personality, and I have to remember that.  Some love the drama and fireworks, but for me, the calmer the better.  It just feels good.

Padding around at home
Having neat and orderly surroundings
Speaking in quiet tones

I am naturally quite an exuberant person, so cultivating calmness balances me out.  I can tip one way or the other, but I always come back to centre.  It’s lovely there.

Tell me about you.  What words make you feel good?

xx Fiona


  1. I'm with you, Fiona. I'm a naturally exuberant person too and am drawn to people with high energy, strong artistic skills and deep thinking. Cultivating calm helps me balance all that out. I've never heard this stated so succinctly and I'm happy to hear it and to acknowledge that this is how it is. Thank you. xo karen

  2. I like to recall the words "breezy" and "cruisy" that I learned from "Thirty Chic Days" and when I feel frazzled or start to become agitated about something, I try to slipstream myself into a "breezy, cruisy" state of mind. It really does help! ~~MJ~~

  3. Uncluttered, airy, calming - these are all things I crave in my surroundings. I'm struggling with this now with everyone at home 24/7 - two teen boys leaving a trail of things behind them (;


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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