Monday, May 11, 2020

In praise of coloured shoes

Hello and a happy new week to you! ☀️ I am so happy for this week! Our lockdown is easing on Thursday. I am working on writing projects and finding them so fun and enjoyable, and in general life is excellent.

Do you find that when you take a light-hearted approach to everything and not try to hold things too tightly that life just flows so easily? Me too.

I felt so good in this outfit on the weekend that I asked my husband Paul to take my photo. I love a pop of colour and the hot pink really made me feel cheery.

Most of my shoes are coloured - tan, mandarin, red, leopard... what can I say. With neutral clothes it’s a good foil for me.

Wishing you a wonderful week - make it a a good one.

Let me know if you love bright shoes too!

xx Fiona



  1. I love this. I tend to wear classic, neutral clothes and like bright shoes and bags to give them some color. I also find that it is more economical. And that is a real cool style you are wearing.

  2. Hi Fiona. Yesterday I had to take everything off the floors of our apartment (including my closet) for a routine (if annoying) bedbug dusting in our apartment building. (Ugh!) I realized that I have WAY TOO MANY shoes and most of them don't matter to me at all. I read this post yesterday and asked my husband (who has three pairs of shoes) how many pairs he thought was enough. He started with "three" but then we agreed on "less than ten". Today I will sort through all my ridiculous collection, choose as few as possible and put aside the rest for donation. I have a colorful wardrobe, so funky shoes are my joy but.....!

    Also, another bright spot today was stumbling a blog I had never seen, your friend from Chic Mind Chic Life who is blogging daily from your "30 More Chic Days". YAY! I'm coming to understanding that if we can stay chic and serene and become even become more chic and serene in this time of Covid, we can do pretty much do anything! Bring it! xo karen

  3. You look adorable Fiona and love your shoes! Chic scarf, too. A few years ago I went to all-black shoes mostly as I streamlined my wardrobe, and was having hard foot problems too, but I did buy a pair of hot pink sandals for fun. A few days ago I pulled them out after giving myself an at-home pandemic pedicure and the pink patent-leather color lifted my spirits and my hubs said, "Love the pink sandals" so that was nice too. Keep up your charming spirit! xx Kathryn

  4. I do like colorful shoes, Fiona, but like Kathryn Bechen, I have "hard foot problems." I have a pair of red pumps that I wear on special occasions, but my feet hurt afterward. I have a pair of red Toms that I can wear casually, which is fun. I primarily wear neutrals that seem to be offered in a more variety of sizes. You look so good in this picture, and your shoes and scarf add a lovely dash of color and cheer. :)


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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