Wednesday, May 27, 2020

New Zealand

The magical view from my front lawn 🌿

New Zealand: "A little piece of paradise at the bottom of the world" 🌏

I know most of my readers are NOT from New Zealand. If this is you, have you visited? Favourite places here? Or perhaps you have a link to New Zealand; please share :)

xx Fiona


  1. I was in New Zealand in October of last year. Such a beautiful country! I just got a good taste of it, but would like to come back and complete several days' walk on the Queen Charlotte track.

  2. Hi Fiona,

    Sorry, I had a glitch in my comment so deleted the first one. We have not been to New Zealand but would love to visit there one day. (Also Australia.) I have enjoyed your pix and stories about your country and we have sinced watched some videos and love the British influence combined with your natural NZ geographic beauty and native culture. (We are longtime Anglicans and I was an English/language/writing teacher at one point in my life so love English/British influence, books, and history that comes out in other countries.) I am on several travel newsletters and saw an "Insider's Guide to New Zealand" the other day. You could write a new eBook "Insider's Guide to Chic Places in New Zealand" since "chic" is your writing niche. And update it every year with a new edition. Just a thought! I smile at some of your terms and sayings in your books like "Mum" etc. (We say Mom in U.S.) Too cute! Congrats on all your self-pub book success and good for you for following your writing dreams! xx

  3. Thanks to Covid 19, I am going through Rosalind James' "Escape to New Zealand" romance novels. They make me want to visit NZ and Australia more than ever! I gather that NZ is to Australia what Canada is to the US (which is a compliment - I'm proud and grateful to be Canadian!). Two quiet, low-key countries that manage to get a lot of things right besides their beautiful scenery! RJ clearly appreciates New Zealand, though of course she romanticizes a bit too. (I imagine that in real life, All Blacks players are a lot like Montreal Canadians hockey players - perfectly nice guys but not every woman's fantasy in person! ;-) One thing I really like about Rosalind James is that as an outsider, she seems to be able to write New Zealand English very well, almost as well as Tarquin Hall writes East Indian English in his Vish Puri mystery novels. However, you would be able to tell that better than I can! (Warning: Explicit sex scenes in her novels.)

    On another subject, I'd love it if you could write a second "How to Be Financially Chic" book. Right now I have someone in my life who is very good at pinching pennies but does it in a way that makes me (and others around him) feel poor. He has made me realize more than ever that the skill lies not just in saving money, but in LIVING WELL while you're doing it! That is a rare and precious skill!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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